Monday, January 14, 2008

Winter Walk to Valentine Day 1

It is an interesting thing.....winter cold with Valentines day on the heels, the typical hot and passionate overtones that holiday conveys. It almost seems more like a spring holiday, do you think so? lol

The post I share today will be a few pix simply because it needs to be seen with a few pix.
It is the creation of my studio-it happened kind of out of the blue and random, yet I have needed this space for so long and now have a place to create without being shoved outside, in the basement unattached from the household, or covering the kitchen table with cloths and then my work everywhere.

The thoughts that come are from a heart of gratitude to my sweetheart for building me such a sturdy table, all the painting he did this weekend and allowing me this space.
But the strongest is that you have to beleive for what you need as well as taking steps to make it happen. And when you cannot take those steps, for whatever reason,
keep beleiving things will work out....quite often it will when you do not expect it

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