Monday, January 28, 2008

Winter Walk Day 15 Happy Anniversary

Phew...we made it through year 7. It was very difficult indeed. Today is our 8 year anniversary and Ray found something I have wanted for 4 years now, but could not locally find. He found it!
Damiana Liquoure.

I am going to copy an article here I wrote about this very thing when I was pregnant with Olivia in 2004
A Fun Herbal Story that happened at a Restaurant

My husband and I decided to spend some alone time and go errand running and have
a nice meal at a new restaurant in the next town.
It was so wonderful to be alone with him as I am 9 months pregnant and really in
need of just him these days. His work ahs been slow and we have been stressed.
HE got a small job so we celebrated. It was wonderful.
We were seated and the hostess handed us our menus and placed a drink menu on
the table. We drink rarely so we ignored the drink menu for awhile. We were
served and ate our food and had a wonderful time of being together.
As our meal was finished we noticed how lovely the drink pictures were. On this
drink menu, one in particular stood out as I could have sworn I saw the word

Of course I had to snatch up the drink menu to see if I was seeing things
correctly and sure enough there was a margarita with damiana in it.

So the next time the server came to our table I asked her about the damiana in
this drink. I was curious, was it like a tincture, dried herb, WHAT????
She thought I was crazy- so I then explained I am an herbalist and that we
typically know damiana as an aphrodisiac or a fertility herb.
My husband is really enjoying this because he knows this girl thinks I am crazy,
and yet I am about to learn something about this damiana drink so my interest is

She returns to us later and says, "you have just educated me. Go see the
bartender when you are leaving."

So after we paid, we go to see the bartender and he immediately knows what we
are after.
He pulls out this bottle in the shape of a pregnant lady and tell us about this
liquor they use in the drink is made from damiana. He shared that the Aztecs
made Tequila originally with damiana. WOW. My husband and I were so amused by
this guy that was just as interested as I was in this herbal potion.
Makes me curious to try this drink, now. And my husband had so much fun watching
this girl think I was crazy to having a two sided educational discussion with
the bartender.

And being big and pregnant and seeing this pregnant shaped bottle was just too
I know he will find a way to get me one of those bottles. It was just such a fun
experience.We asked the restaurant if we could have an empty bottle, but it is against the law in Arkansas.
But what a way to confirm the fertility/aphrodisiac properties of the herb. She
goes to tell the bartender about this crazy pregnant "so called herbalist" telling
her about this stuff and he pulls out a pregnant lady bottle:) PERFECT!


hastings said...

It's such a beautiful bottle and such fun that you're both on the same page with anniversary gifts :)

MeeshiMama said...

I must find some of this!

Happy Anniversary and do let us know how that works for you. :lol:

Sara Vegimama said...

Lovely story Kristena, I'm so happy your husband was able to find you your drink!

Amber Mc said...

I need me some!

Growing in the Green said...
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