Thursday, January 24, 2008

Winter Walk Day 11

Working in the studio

Ben needed to earn extra money so I paid him to put together my shippig boxes. When he was done he stacked them into a hugetower that crashed to the ground before I could snap a pic. This is what they built next.
Ben, if I have never shared before is my creative genius. I will adding his work to my store simply becuase all he thinks aobut is crafts. He is not interested in the Playstation or much Tv like his older siblings.
Olivia, she is my budding herbalist. She preaches herbs at her tender age of 3. It is wonderful to see our children blossoming int he things we love, but also I ahve seen in my olders that they often vary away from these things as they age. So I am treasuring this time.

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MeeshiMama said...

What a couple of sweeties!