Saturday, November 29, 2008

A different holiday..wishing you the best of the season

So this year I am living in Wyoming and my husband is in Arkansas. This was the first in 8 years we had not celebrated together.

And interestingly, it was by far the best. No expectations, no family order, nothing like that.

Prior to the holiday my daughter and granddaughter came down for a few days. the above pic was an early Christmas we celebrated here with 6 of my 7 children. The wee one is my oldest granddaughter. We missed you Rachie and Meg!

My granddaughter and daughter play together

My oldest daughter and I get silly

My friend Michele and I have been friends for over 20 years. We were separated in the early 90's but I found her several years ago. We enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner in the community.

My former brother in law John joined us as well as my sons and their dad, but they took off for another party before our pics were all that food!
John spent time with us later in the evening and was discussing a lecture he heard of mens brains compared to womens brains and how we are scattered constantly multitasking and how men can actually sit and think of nothing. The way he discussed with us had us laughing so hard. Laughter is such good medicine!

Here we are after the rest of our group left. It was a delightful day. Michele helped me work on soap wrapping which usually takes days for me to accomplish. The both of us together got it done in a day. What a blessing!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday-there really is no religious dogma or expectations...just a good time to be grateful for the harvest and celebrate with those you love.
I hope your upcoming season, however you celebrate will be joyful and abundant in love and peace.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Walk in the Wild part 4

As we went to hike a trail leading to a lake, some die hard ski enthusiasts marched quickly past us with joy and determination in their future plans. I have no idea if they were going to hike up the Grand and ski down it or not, but that is certainly the way they were headed. So I had to get a pic. People here tend to live on the edge and challenge is a normal thing for so many here.

Benny stands in the ice cold waters

We pause along the trail and do a connceting to the earth excercise where you stand and breath in bringing energy from the sky into your feet as if you are taking root in the earth. then breath in from the earth, through your body to the sky. Then breathe one more time and bring energy from the sky and earth into your center.

Then, in peace, I lay on the cold ground and enjoy the total peace the wild country provided me at that moment.

Then off to reach the lake. it was a beautiful lake with the Tetons behind it. There was a thin layer of ice. The boys and Ray skipped rocks on the icy layer, and the sound that made was so interesting. Kind of like some sound in a sci fi movie:)

We then found this. A childs notebook and a pen that had been left behind.

The lake itself...WOW

A trail beyond the lake to take us back to the car. Only 2 more miles
A squirrels sound in the forest was so cool

The view heading back toward town. What a blissful day. Lets go have our picnic now! Were totally ready after that hike.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Walk in the Wild part 3

Driving deeper into the Gros Ventre mountains, we came onto a small herb of mountain sheep.
I was thrilled because this is not something commonly seen, like elk, antelope and deer.

It is wonderful living among the herds

Our family challenged each other to hike up a small steep hill and I am thrilled that both these children are good hikers. They have suprised me on more than one occassion taking steep trails.

Another spot near the Moose entrance of Grand Teton National Park.
We took a great hike here!

The littles and I stand on a bridge over a small clear creek.
There is that amazing Grand Teton always present:)

And Dad and the littles on the same bridge

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Walk in the Wild part 2

As our family walked through a forest path, a little bird made such a noise!

I am not sure if the presence of humans created this stir or if this bird does that anyway.
But it was sure cute

There was alot of this plant growing along the path

Ben attempts a hike up a steep hill and does it easily

There is almost no escaping the Teton range no matter where you go

Nature brings out the love in us all

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Walk with me for a week in the wild Part 1

With the short summer season here in the high altitude, sometimes a long fall comes after that.
This can be difficult for a town that depends upon tourism, because there is not a heavy snowfall. Here in the valley of Jackson, there is no snow on the ground.
My husband is here visiting and my daughter and granddaughter will be here in 2 days for a half week visit.
I am very content that we have had the weather we have had to explore some new places.

So I will share some of the majesty of our fall with you this week.

Our week began however with a delicious meal with a very good old friend. We brought along drums (thank you Heather and kelly for letting me borrow those) and shakers and a tamborine.
After dinner and conversation and alot of hot tea, we sat around and played.

It became very spiritual in nature and messages came from Spirit that brought forth the most amazing feeling, dancing and uplifting.
I will share a video of that wonderful period of time 'in that space'

A simple song came that night as we were playing and a little white girl soul came forth in singing.
The words that came through were
And that song has been in my mind all week in that soulful melody that night as well as some added 70's R&B sound that added to it during this past few
My 7 year old loves to film drumming so I must include not only this special beginning of the week but his passion in art.

The next day we did some hiking and sight seeing and with the weather so nice, the entire week has been to try and explore new territory before snow and ice hug the roads and make them impassable.

The majesty of nature is a healing presence and whispers messages to us as we partake of her love.

Enjoy this week in the wild with me:)

This photo is on a road that leads to a small town called Kelly. The snow topped mountain is called the Sleeping Indian. When observed from another view, it appears that an indian with a headress is resting with his hands on his chest. It is really cool.

This was cool. So close to us. Along with a female.

Heading up to the Gros Ventre Mountains to check it out!

Whoa Dude, thats a long way down. We wont be playing catch on this flat spot, that's for sure.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blessing Your Home

Do you bless your home or send energy about it for protection and safety?

I learned in the Christian tradition about this years ago and have transferred that powerful act into my spirituality today.

I have used smudge, salts, prayers and essential oils for many blessings I have done for myself or others over the years.

If you feel your house needs clearing, try burning smudge, sage, mugwort, juniper, cedar or other herbs you may have.

Opening a window sometimes throughout the day or at night can be helpful to keep stagnation of the air element from occuring. It also connects you to the world outside, which this time of year is so beneficial. We tend to close ourselves off when it is cold and grey.

I used salt when I moved into my apartment by going around the perimeter clockwise to remove negative energies and then again counter clockwise to represent protection.

I use oils sometimes for their specific virtues. Young Living's Gratitude is one that really helps me and I love using it for anointing objects or myself. Living in gratitude is essential to joy and peace.

Any ritual you decide upon in blessings, make sure your intention is clear. Are you seeking protection, cleansing, joy and peace, bliss, love, all of the above? speak clearly to the Spirit that you perform this ritual for the purpose intended. It will be good to speak it forth for yourself as well.

And to add to the example, this week I particapted in a house blessing for our friend here, Kelly.
She had recently closed on a Habitat For Humanity house and worked diligently and steadfast in doing her required hours and saving money for down payment.
She lost her husband this year on top of her home and responsibilites of its construction. She had numerous challenges her way.
So to see her close on her home this week was a major victory for her, her children as well as her friends and loved ones.
Habitat, as it's tradition, has a house blessing when a house closes. A very different blessing ceremony than I would do, it was still quite meaningful.

They gave her a key plaque to represent her ownership.

A loaf a bread with a blessing that her cupboards would always be filled

A bag of sugar to represent the sweetness that they hoped would fill her and her family all the days of her life.

I dont recall the other objects but it was quite special.

The one thing I do recall is that they got to know Kelly and her sincere efforts to organics and recycling, that all the blessings, where applicable were organic and they bought her a recycling sorting system as a gift.

Kelly called upon our friend Heather Bupp to do the official blessing.

Here is a picture I took of Kelly with one of her children, and Heather prior to the blessing.

An unusual blessing I am sure for Habitat, Heather felt to smudge as we sat in a circle on the floor, despite many women in

We had a simple ritual sending forth love, peace and positive energy into Kelly's home.

It was great for bringing us all together and really shows that any tradition can do this for their place of residence, or any possesion, or loved one, and it represent something powerful to them in their path.

So if you'd like to share any comments on blessings, feel free to do so.

Monday, November 3, 2008

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Happy Holidays

Sunday, November 2, 2008

If the World could Vote

I cast my vote this week and it felt good. Originally I was not going to vote, but then I had a dream that was so odd that it compelled me to move for local government as well as the Prez.
A mama online shared this link today and it was so interesting, I thought I would share that here to

Just to get an interesting perspective of how people feel.

Be a voice people, especially for your local government where you live so that your right to parent the way you like, be an herbalist, or whatever is supported by your vote.

Happy Post Halloween

The D-Team.
Dreamseeds(me) for scentsactional herbal specialties

Dragon Lady Heather Bupp-Some of the best tasting herbal tea blends around, as well as an awesome friend and great herbal practitioner

Merav-She is the spunkiest woman my age I know! And the best damn massage therapist ever. If you are in Jackson, get one from her, for sure. It will put you in orbit, I tell ya.
And she speaks her words of wisdom and support for both of the D's (dreamseeds and dragon lady) She is awesome!

Congratulations love birds! I am so happy for you.

The kiddo's-we came up with whatever we could and stay in our tight budget. It was fun!
Congratulations to my friends Merav and Josh. They let us in on a little secret at the Bupp Halloween party.

I can hear the wedding bells already. I am so happy for them.

trick or treating is so kid friendly in Jackson. The entire square was filled with parents and children in costume trick or treating at the shoppes downtown.
We had such a good time and saw some serious creativity out there.

And all the candy....the downside...but it's halloween, time to be whatever you want and be ok as well as partaking of wildness and fun.

A few hours after trick or treat we attended the Buppsters party with so many people filling the house at first I thought I might keel over in social anxiety. (that is one aspect of my life I am working on, Oh introverted me)
But it was so fun, a couple of Snake River Brewing Pale Ale's and I was calmer.:)

Just sharing a littel bit of fun before the busy season hits.