Friday, January 11, 2008

Herbalism at the Core our Souls

It's 3:30 am and the house is still. Complete darkness sourrounds me the only sound comes from the rythmic breathing of my family.

I question why I am up at this time of morning.
The holidays have left us slightly worn and exhausted. The stepkids came for the holidays and mid trip one battled the flu and the other one progressed into strep throat after returning home. My youngest broke out in chicken pox. A week before that, the flu was making its way around and one child missed his Christmas party.
There have been things creep up very near to me and I can feel its grip trying to enter in. Immune boosting herbs have been my allys. Warming teas daily which I keep warm all day on my woodstove for a sip anytime I need. Garlic and ginger abound in our meals. Socks on my feet and stocking cap on my head if needed.
When you are the one who admisinsters the healing, there is no time to get sick.
So many depend on your hands to be their loving channel of light in the grey of illness.

Sleep is an essential health care need in the winter. Many animals we see in nature hibernate at this time. The daylight hours are not as plentiful in the season. I often wonder if electricity were not an option for us, would we sleep more in the cold winter?
My body naturally wants to sleep and when the alarm goes off each schoolday, I find it difficult to arise.
So why am I up now?
I beleive the instinctual herbal voice inside knew the call to action this morning. My 7 year old has the worse case of chicken pox I have ever encountered, and he, such a tender soul in nature, would struggle with the discomfort.
I lightly crawled out of bed to put my love into action. No logs were needed for the woodstove this morning, as a slow fire burned all night long. I began a pot of delicious fair trade arabica coffee as a wonderful treat for myself and my sweetheart.
A chicken was ready in the fridge to be used in the care and nurture of my sick boy.
The sounds of home now were of washing and slicing vegetables and opening jars of astragulus and kale. Garlic was pressed and all the scraps I have saved all week were brought to the pot. A litle turmeric was added to add immune stimulating abilites and antioxidants in the cold weather we are experiencing.
This is the foundation of everything we do. Preparing nurturing foods to help the body and soul using herbs and spices to support our intent.
Throughout the day I will admister other herbal helps to address the symptoms of my little man's sufferings as well as keeping the rest of my family strong and vigorous against the foreign invaders that try to creep into our bodies and take over.
Herbalism is at the core of my being. An intuitive voice that speaks inside to guide me on what to do and how to do it. And this day I find that it speaks even as I sleep, waking me to the labor of love needed before the busy world is active.
I am humbled and greatful that I heard the voice. I am better prepared for the work ahead for the sake of those I love. Influenced by the traditions of old. Embracing the wisdom of new information we have available in these modern days. Weaving lore and fact in a daily common sense approach to life. The journey for me always begins where my heart beats strongest. That is caring and nurturing my family.
The task for the day has begun to support health.
Now the laundry must be done. And breakfast made for those that will leave our sacred space on planet earth to learn or work.
An ordinary person I am with an understanding of something magical and wonderful. I am an herbwyfe. It is a river that runs to the core of my soul.

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