Friday, January 18, 2008

Winter Walk Day 5

I am almost done! My poor kitchen has been tore up with my painting projects. I am not the best painter for sure. I am trying to revive these old trunks my Grandmothers husband made when he worked in the carpenters union many years ago. He hauled his tools around in them.
They are UGLY-but functional and suited him well I am sure.
They have been buried in stuff for awhile and now I will be putting them to use. But trying make them look nicer first. They are special because they came from Grandma who has been gone for 5 years at least.
Maybe the completion will be photo'd this weekend I hope:) We ahve been WAY busy, Ray working late to meet deadlines and hopefully there will be work after this job....the life of the self employed is stressful indeed!

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