Monday, October 22, 2007

Growing as an herbwyfe Last part for now

So after these activities it felt like the next 5 days was truly vacation. I spent time with my family without work in front of me or research.
Here is Ariella and I (tired Granny)

Josh had so many questions about Hoover Dam so I decided to pay the money for a tour. It did help clear up some questions.

Was able to hike with Nicole and the littles

And harvest vitex from my parents place

We left on Wednesday morning, spent the night with Anabelle in NM and Dina was there with her kids all ripe for birth

While still in Arizona, I observed the Mullein and how HUGE it grows there as well as fanning out on the top. the mullein here does not fan out and grows a third to some of those huge stalks of yellow flowers some still in bloom

Growing as an herbwyfe part 4

It was vacation at that point. I had the next 5 days to soak up the desert sun and air and embrace my loved ones.
So it was Ella time Sunday.
Did I post this one funny. She loves her parents

On the 14th, Robyn and I fast and furious cleaned the house and created food. At 3 oclock we were throwing a suprise baby shower for Rachel (which she found out about by the way)
The women that came were so generous. In attendance were my stepmom and brother, Rachels grandma on her dad's side and aunt, and strangers either attending Robyns church, or were Robyns friends.
They really blessed her with LOTS of great items she can use for her babe.
We played several games, one getting into teams and diapering one from each team with toilet paper.

Growing as an Herbwyfe Part 3 ~Herb Day~

Herb Day is a fairly new recognized celebration. The second Saturday of October will be the day herb lovers unite and share their passion of the plants with others.

Herb Day Fest in Las Vegas was organized by Nicole Carter who is a master herbalist under Clayton College.
She and I shared a visit in her home earlier in the week and decided upon my lecture being on my organic farm experience. I was to open the event.EEK!

We arrived at 9ish and began to set up the welcome table and the one for Las Vegas Herb Co op a large cooperative herb buying club once again with Mt Rose herbs being their largest supplier. They save money buying like this.

At 10:15 a Paiute shaman came to bless the event and smudge the pavilion where all the classes were to take place.
It was very moving.

I spoke until 11:15 or so ending on something that moved me almost to tears which was the lack of education in the city about conservation. each time I go to LV, the lake is lower and lower. Thinking about the changes in 20 years already, imagine 20 years from now with the growth the valley is experiencing.
There is no time to waste. I encouraged people to garden responsibly and organically and told of the same events you all have heard over the summer.
It seemed by the feedback, people received my words well. YAY

After my class, I spent some time networking with others.

Here is a master gardener (reducing adn reusing) a plastic bottle to start seeds.

I hate plastic, but felt like this was a better choice than jsut throwing them away. Paper towel works like a wick keeping the soil moist so the seed can germinate. 5 or so days in a cabinet and then it should sprout and can be places in a brighter spot.

The children did crafts and planting

For 3 hours we served Mt Rose herb tea and gave samples from them and Pacific Botanicals. I also had some of my teas I gave as samples.
Local beekeepers doanted thier desert honey so we could also offer a healthy choice for our guests.
We also had catalogs from our supporters as well as Horizon Herbs.

It was an energetic time for me and one I truly will not forget.

Here is the crew

Home to shower and get ready. It is party time!

Happy 65 birthday Dad. I love you so MUCH!

Growing as an herbwyfe part 2

Within those few days at my daughters house, I mostly prepared for the classes I was teaching while battling a hoarse voice. I always dry out intenesely when in the desert Southwest. Drinking fresh ginger tea, and throat coat. had a few bloody
Here is my sweet Ariella...remembering the women who sent me money to attend her birth. This is the girlie!

Amber was in the area so on her way back home to Arizona, she came by with her hubby for a quick visit.
She is as wonderful in real life as online except she is more talkative in So great to meet you too mama!

I spent a few days with my parents while teaching classes at their Migun Center.
My heart was moved with compassion for the people that came in that really needed help.
The classes went good and was firmly supported by Mt Rose herbs. They provided the herbs and teas we worked with in class as well as literature on their business. Thansk Mt Rose. Once again you prove to be the best!
The Dreamseeds display

My stepmom and youngest brother

Another Day with my youngest bro

Growing as an Herbwyfe part 1

I will try to make this as brief as possible. I took so many pics! lol
I dont want to lose you all in details

We woke up at 4 am on oct 3rd. Rachel being 8-9ish months pregnant, Josh 15 year old, and Olivia age 3 and I hopped into our prepacked Honda civic. The day was mostly uneventful. Hot through OK, TX and NM so we had the windows all down and got terrible gas mileage between that and a headwind.

Arrived at Mamatoabunch (Anabelle) house by dinner. She offered us a shower, and a meal and we spent the night there. In case you dont know, Anabelle has 8 children so we were accustomed to the noise of many children under one roof.
They have a small family farm which gave my children a chance to see their animals.
The older daughters are some might fine cooks. This day we had beef stew, homeade bread and Sandy's pumpkin muffin recipe as a cake though instead.

We all tried to get aquainted in a brief timeframe.

A good night sleep with the rain coming down in the desert. First thing I remember in the morning was running outside to smell the pines. Delight!
Also took a pic of the juniper berries that are far larger than ours at home in the Ozarks.

A little visit in the morning and we were on our way.
Snapped a pic on our way out

NM is one of my favorite places in the world so I also took a pic of the scenery outside Anabelles property.
Here is one

A rest area in Arizona fascinated me with its desert plants. I lustfully began picking white sage practically ripping the branches from the plant. she was sure to let me know by allow me to get a splinter from her base. Serves me right. I had problems with that thumb for days after that and had to admit my bad behavior immediately. I knew better than to treat a plant in that manner.

We stopped at a tourist trap to get a snack in Arizona. Here is the mountain's where we stopped

Flagstaff was our next favorite place-no time to stop though

Crossing the Hoover Dam into nevada by 5:30 or so.

Spent time with Robyn, Sam and Ariella for the next few days. My granddaughter is gorgeous! Will post pix of that in part 2

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Herb Day 2007

Herb Day 2007

Being around Nicole Carter before herb day was such a great time! Then to see her pull together an herb day festival was even better. Another pioneer in the herbal movement.Go Nicole!
It has been a pleasure seeing this strength in her and her down to earth approach with people.
Nicole is local herbalist, amongst a small handful of others serving such a large city.

The Las Vegas Herb Co Op was created from her desire to cooperatively buy high quality Bulk Herbs as community. Buying more in this manner saves money, resources and allows for less packaging waste.

Arriving an hour before the venue were vendors setting up stations to demonstrate their goods and services to the public. Volunteers arrived from Las Vegas Herb Co Op and set up an herbal sampling tea station full of organic herbal teas graciously donated by Mt Rose Herbs.

Some of the volunteers set up a welcoming station which allowed guests to enter a free drawing for some fabulous donated items.
Amongst the donations were items from a Rainforest tea vendor, Herbally Grounded Herb Store, and Wild Oats.
Other tables were set up with information for other businesses that contributed to the event.
Horizon Herbs-Richo Cech Family
Mountain Rose Herbs
Local Desert Honey distributed by Annsley Naturals
Herbally Grounded
Las Vegas Herb Co Op
Dreamseeds-Kristena Roder
Migun Northwest
amongst other herb lovers.

A Pauite Native American Elder came to bless the event. Smudge filled the air under the pavilion where many of us congregated in preparation of Herb Day. Together we prayed for the land, our nation, and our people. It was a special moment many of us felt blessed to be part of.

I spoke after the elder on organics and the experience of Foundation Farm. (Thanks Patrice. Your little garden space in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is reaching the hearts of Las Vegans as well)

One of the master gardeners present expounded on some of the things I did not know such as the organic farms in the area and the varying foods that are grown in the region.

I also shared a situation that grieves my heart each time I return to the city of my birth.

In 20 years the Lake has receded so much that the landscape is changing in obvious ways. Without conservation and responsibility, I am concerned the water issue may be severe in 20 more years. I encouraged people to conserve and felt almost like I could cry.
Later I was able to meet some of the people in attendance to my speech and I enjoyed it very much.

After my class, Free, an aromatherapy artisan can to discuss essential oils.
Michelle, an herb co op enthusiast, gave a class of making herbal tea.
Angela Harris taught on tincture making.
Nicole taught a class on herbs preceding the parting ceremony.
Some of the attendees received the donated gift baskets and teas and we departed out into the real world again.
I wanted to help with clean up but felt at one point like I was more in the way then helping so I left before some of the other volunteers.
It was so fun meeting some of the women at the Las Vegas Herb Co op table. They were so good communicating with people about their venue.
I will not ever forget this event. The entire experience was one I have certainly grown from as a better herbwyfe./herbalist/woman.

Pics coming soon

Saturday, October 6, 2007

An adventure to remember:)

I woke up at 4 am on Thursday morning, finished up business online, showered, made and drank coffee, woke up J, R and O and off we went in our little car. I managed to bring enough stock with me to help offset the costs of the trip. It is SO WORTH IT to me to see my family.
Mid way or so we stopped with Anabelle an her family of 8 children and hubby. She has a small family farm, and manages homeschool, and of course the task itself with that many children is huge. But she graciously gave us a warm bed, showers and meals and it was wonderful to get to visit with her and get to know her children well. I am always happy to see children being raised to actually KNOW how to do more than read and write and computer. These children tend to farm animals, cook the meals (or participate) and learning to sew, have homeschool co op, are active in their church and work on keeping order.

It rained the night we arrived and the scent of desert pines filled the air. When I woke up int he morning, I made a special point to go out and smell the air. Those moments are some of my most memorable. The calm of her land, the scenery adn the air. Also the berries on teh junipers are large and purple, whereas the ones at my house in the Ozarks are light green and small.

It took us about 45 mintutes to find a starbucks, but once intoxicated with Estimo, we were on the Interstate again.
New Mexico is one of the most woderful places to see. Like God's museum. You sense the presence of the Native people and how they must have lived.
The sky is large and colorful. Mountain temples appear red in soem areas, and white in others and you wonder if man did this or nature.
Arizona has its beauty as well. I stopped at a few rest areas to examine the plants. I was delighted by small flowers covering succulents, yucca, prickly pear and my most sought out sage. However the wise sage was sure to let me know that I was harvesting improperly by creating a sliver in my thumb where I pulled on her branches to take along.
I know better, but my lust for the plant overcame my manners.

We arrived to my daughters house, had a littel conversation, baked chicken and wine.
Today I wam floating around and plan to study. Want to work on my intake form and notes for the classes.
Once I figure how to upload photos I will:)