Tuesday, May 20, 2008

10 reasons why I blog...thanks to Val

Val tagged me to do this so to appease her...lol I will.
By the way, her link is in my side bar and she is one amazing crafty mama. I am continually amazed at her creativity and her kids are so lucky to have such talent and good energy raising them.

1. I like to journal things

2. blogging is easier for me than journaling especially since pictures can be attached and give a visual for the topic at hand.

3. It gives me space on the web to particpate in blog partys so that I can cooperatively work with other like minded folks in our writing about our passions.
This has also been an excellent learning tool and has brought some new friends into my life that have enlightened me.

4. New friends and connection to like minded folks

5. I am able to present my writing to students and friends wanting to learn herbalism. Blogspot is free and a great service so I can share with them the link and they can come see what the plant looks like and what it is used for in that days writing if they woudl like.

6. It helps me be creative. Having a blog actually gives me opportunities in my mind to write. I really feel writing is an important part of my life. It was when I was in school and still means alot to me.
I am a better writer than speaker~

7.Helps my family see what I am up to

8. Helps others(non family and non student) see what I am up to

9.Helps me present my work that is for sale when I sometime spost it here

10. This is probably the most important-I hope people can see a humble herbal mother, seeking truth and peace, finding solace and medicine in the plant realm. And that they can see not only a powerful woman, but a woman that is not perfect. I sometimes share my mistakes in hopes to spare others from suffering from the same things I may have.
If I can share my life a little, I hope to help others. That is the main goal of this blog.

A picture of the beautiful healing essence of spiderwort

Monday, May 19, 2008

Heather Bupp-Dragon Lady Teas and my new friend:)

Heather and I met a couple weeks ago in Jackson, Wyoming.I of course, curious about all the hopeful herbalists I can meet, began a search for other like minded like I always do.
I must be honest, whenever I have tried to connect with other herbalists, they usually ignore me, but there are 2 so far that have reached back out in my desire to continue community in the green lovin world.
Nicole Carter and Heather Bupp are 2 herbalists working in their communities and making powerful and positive impact in other peoples lives.

Both women have made huge impact in my life in one way or another and make me so grateful that these connections came to pass.

So let me tell you a little bit about Heather.
Heather Bupp aka Dragon Lady is currently 34.
She is happily married to a great man, and has 2 sons. Canyon is 9 and Arrow is 4.

She makes some of the best tea I have ever savored. Happy tea is magical! Truly.

She blessed me with a few blends to try and I am pleased with each one...Chai, Raven, and Happy. I am currently sipping Raven right now as I type.

I have a Dragon Lady tea menu and keep it in my top drawer so that I can order more soon.

Truly gifted, in many areas.

I sent my friend a basic questionairre and this is her response back to me. It will bless you~

Do you remember what was going on in your life that lead you to herbs?
Moving to the mountains of Wyoming started my love affair with herbs. Curiosity and respect drove my interest.

How old were you at that time? 20

Can you share some of the work that has most influenced you? Such as books, blogs, video and lectures.

Rosemary Gladstar, Greg Tilford and Susan Weed were my first teachers. But the work of Findhorn and Perelandra Gardens really made my heart beat. Also any literature about Flower Essences (Dr. Bach and Flower Essence Society).

When making plant medicine, are you drawn to any particular method?

Listening to the plants and going with the Flow is the method that seems to work best for me. I can follow some guidelines, but it always seems to come down to my relationship with and connection to the plant people.

Do you have a most memorable event, conference, or one on one experience with any of our herbal foremothers and forefathers or any other key person used in your path of herbalism? And how has that influenced you today?

All my encounters with fellow plant-obsessed people have been wonderful and memorable, but my conversations with Michael Pilarski have been the most exciting. He organizes whole events in celebration of the 'unseen' worlds of the fairies/devas and nature spirits. it's always fun for me to talk to people who believe.

Where are you located? Jackson, Wyoming

Do you work with the public and could you descirbe your work? such as:
Do you teach classes? yes, when i'm asked to.

Do you offer consultations? yes. I do distance energy work that involves uncovering the story a person holds in his/her body. the story is full of symbols, like a dream. the symbols work to open and unfold the person within and I use herbs and flower essences to support the process.

Do you travel for herbal work? i would.

How can people contact you to find out more about what you offer, calender of events, blogs, weed walks, etc?

i am open to talk/visit with anyone who is interested. you could visit my site DragonLadyTeas for info, but i don't have any regular scheduled events yet. i do offer tea parties. this is one way i like to connect people and plants.

Do you have a vision for your work in the future or are you seeing how it unfolds?

my work involves connecting people and plants. i can see which plants belong with which people based on my observation of the plant life cycle and understanding of their language. my ultimate goal is to open our eyes to how connected we all are.....to everyone and everything. i use my Teas to spread that energy on a larger scale and my one-on-one experiences to help the individual unfold. my wish is for everyone to evolve to their highest potential. i am a messenger, here to assist in the transformation. it's an exciting time to be here on earth!

Most of the readers are new to herbs and if there is one word of wisdom or sage advice you could leave them, what would that be? Walk Slowly, Listen Carefully, Trust Yourself and BE exactly who you ARE.

PLEASE, you owe it to yourself to see this video clip about Heathers work in her community making her fabulous teas and how they bless others~Heather Video

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lessons from my life part 6


Fear and stress go hand and hand, maybe along with caffeine consumption. For me, in March, I was due for another cancer checkup which up until then was every 3 months.

(thankfully that all checked out ok and I graduated to every 6 months)

There is something about those checkups that make it so hard. I fear doctors. I fear needles and poking and being naked in front of them and mostly I fear hearing those awful words of possible cancer again.

What do you fear? Do you fear going to bed at night?
Fear the safety of your children? the condition of the world? the government? Your neighbors? Job security? Your health? Things going on with those you love (or dont)

There is alot to fear, isn't there?

Yet tapping into the spirit of peace is just as important and good nutrition and clean water each day. Just as important as sleep.

Most of us live in countries where we can worship, maybe secretly, but seek our spirituality as we feel we should.
It took me months to come to understand just how important this principle is.

I asked wise healers, friends, and I just did not get it until I recently spent time with another healer in Jackson Hole.I watched her do something energetically and it was at that moment the revelation entered my brain that it is my my spiritual life that was in serious need of nurturing and it was not anything I needed to practice or learn from another.
I came home that night, in my motel room and it just happened. Something I have neglected for years, mostly due to the fact that others may disapprove of my way of nurturing spirit.

But forget it...let others opinions of you and your ways GO.....

I spend time alone now. I even put on tv or entertain my daughter somehow and go into my room and tap into the spirit power if I need to, and I dont feel guilt.
It is part of my survival.

I also feel that connection when working with the plants. It nurtures my spirit and soul.

How is your spiritual life? Are you engaging in it. Dont let it fall by the wayside.
So many troubles and issues may creep up because of this. And this part of our emotional/mental/physical/spiritual being seems to be one we often neglect as a whole person.

Back to my experience when this revelation occured, the intuitive side of me has been rebirthed. And I realized this is one of the lessons to share with you so that you can work on it in your life.
It has been almost 2 months of battling a strong physical condition, that the doc is not sure, I am not sure, friends are not sure. I have had people with giftings speak into my life and I am working on all the avenues. AND I AM HEALING and HEALED, really.

And maybe without the physical symptoms I suffered, I would not have been able to open my eyes and see these very important lessons.

I have more to share soon.
If you ever feel like the spiritual life in you is struggling, and you need to talk about it,I will surely talk or email you concerning it.
This is a hard thing sometimes to discuss, and bottling up your spirit will harm you.

And if nothing else, walk where the plants grow and observe them. Place a leaf between your fingers, gently rub and smell the fragrance left behind on your fingers.

Stroke the plant from the ground up. Observe the stem, leaf, flower, color, patterns, brilliance. Often times, these things will nurture our spirit and if that is all you can do, believe me, it will help.

I know this may sound kooky and that I may not have explained this as I would have hoped to, but "I know that I know" that our spiritual lives are essential to our day to day existance on this planet. And that is healing, now that I realize a huge problem in my life is not making that a priority. It is now!
I leave you with a picture from this weekend farmers market. Always a great time visiting with the vendors we have come to know. This is also spiritual and can renew the life within you.
And this picture I post today is special because it is my friend Joy, who has life within, looks beautiful and I love her so much.

In love,

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What is up with this new picture

I know it is spring and the likelyhood of a snow tipped moutain with mounds of snow at the base is odd.
But if I may express this sactuary for a short period of time, I hope that you too may experience internally what this place did for me.

I will share my story briefly.

My daughter, granddaughter and I were traveling to Jackson Wyoming May, 2008. This picture is taken about 2 hours before we arrive in Jackson.

The glory of this beautiful place resonated into my soul, in which I felt my spirit kneel on the ground, bow and worship God with tears. In awe of the beauty and power I felt here. It was tremendously intense. So for now, this picture will be the theme pic of my blog:)
And when that changes, let me add this as well so it will always be archived here

Blessings abundant

Headin Out!
A 2 day journey lies ahead. Armed with a rental car, a Saturn Vue, complete with XM radio and onstar, along with as much of Rachies posessions that fit, we head out after noon.

First Stop-to see my sweet friend Eve Mary who I haven't seen in 2 years or more. I can't resist...we spend the night for longer social. So sad to say goodbye until next time my sweet friend....hopefully not as long until we visit again. I love you sister!

So we are helpd up in Nebraska our second day ont he road due to a blizzard...in May??? WOW. roads closed and we are worried. But the next day they open the roads. We travel, on ice for 2 hours trying to make it in time to turn in the car.
And we did. Saturday night, a beautiful drive in Wyoming, we run into a family of my favorite Rocky Mtn animals...Moose...sweet....

So we turn the corner from the moose family and I gotta have a picture by the Tetons. For 18 years I have wondered if I would ever experience them again. bliss

Randy, my ex, arranges a motel room for us to stay near the base of snow king..I use to live a few blocks from this motel. WOW. Armed with my herbal books and plant Identification publications, I see the ID books wont be useful yet as there is still too much snow...I did see a few dandelions and daffodils trying to open up and smile at the world:)

We walk all over trying to get Rachie set up on any programs available to her, job hunting and snacks, like the haggen dagz shoppe! I could not resist this pear raisin ice cream...heavenly indeed! I only had one the whole time so I did good.
Toting Megan in the sling most of the time. My body feels good with all that walking I did. I hope to keep this up now that I home.
I also see a dear friend whom I have not seen in 18+ years. It was so wonderful to spend time with her and see how event hrough hardship and pain, she rises up stronger than ever with a faith empowering her steps.
That is 2 women in this trip I see growing this way.

So I get to meet the Dragon lady, Heather Bupp. Our visit was wonderful. We had lunch at her place and a great social time. She shared some things to help me grow as an herbalist that I am eager to explore. There is something so binding and loving when herbalist get together in the spirit of unity and love of the plants.
I will be sharing more about this littel gem in the Rockies in the near future! I cannot beleive I did not get a picture of her! But she shared some tea with me to take home. I think her tea is by far my favorite! Stay tuned for more about Heather and her tea creations soon.

The cool weather doesn't stop us from enjoying the beauty. I am so blessed to be here and in my spare time I am reading my books at greater speed than possible when home. I bought 2 more herb books at the local herb store to support her littel shoppe which was the neatest little herb shoppe!

I felt the tears well up...I leave 2 of my kids, 1 granddaughter, new and old friends, a town I loved with a great organic community becoming stronger there, and I feel sad, like the energy of Jackson is pulling me back. Time will tell, but for now I hold good memories and look forward to continuing my herbal work here just in case my calling is for this place. I am not so sure....
Upon arriveing back in the Ozarks, the scenery rapidly changed in my absense. I could not find some of the plants I am observing right away because the forest looks so much different than a week ago. Green and vibrant are the hills around my home. I already need to harvest my comfrey again, nettles and the roses now starting to bloom.
So the busy work will keep me focused, intentional, and in prayer about our life and what lies ahead.
One thing for certain, we took care of business, ate well, excercised, and also spiritually speaking, I really was opened up during this trip. I thank God for the opportunity to experience it all regardless of the sorrow in saying goodbye.