Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Walk day 10

A blissful morning with my sweetheart Livi and a cup of Rosemary Tea
Rosemary is a blissful tea, and so thankful my herbal friend Kiva Rose suggested it to me.
The effects of rosemary are quite alot actually.
Rosmarinus officinalis
Dew of the Sea

Rosemary acts as a digestive tonic, promoting the flow of bile, easing stomach discomfort and gas.
Also a great energy tonic. Rosemary can lift depression and strengthen the nervous system. This is a great ally for women under stress. I know for me, when battling with low thyroid, this tea and a lower carbohydrate diet has renewed me about 85% which is pretty damned good-I expect to continue getting stronger too.

Ciculatory system can be strengthened with this herb. It has been known to lower high blood pressure with 1 to 2 cups infusion each day. This action also helps the mind helping memory and focus. Even the scent of rosemarinus helps me.

Modern studies are showing that rosemary is a cell protector, which may prevent some cancers.
Rich in antioxidants, rosemary may help one age more gracefully.

Rosmarinus also have pain releiving properties if infused in oil or made into a rubbing alcohol liniment.
Rubbing deep into the tissues has been known to releive many aches, pains, gout and also said to have cured the paralysis of Queen Elizabeth of Hungary.
Here is the recipe Rosemary Gladstar shares in her book Herbal Healing for Women

Queen of Hungary water
6 parts Lemon Balm
4 parts Chamomile
1 part Rosemary
3 parts Calendula
4 parts Roses
1 part Lemon Peel
1 part Sage
3 parts Comfrey
Witch Hazel to cover or part vinegar and witch hazel to cover

Place all herbs in a wide mouthed jar and cover with witch hazel or vinegar and witch hazel
Be sure there is about 1-2 inches of witch hazel above the herbs. Cover tightly and allow to sit in a warm spot 2-3 weeks
Strain and set the liquid aside adn compost the herbs
To each cup of herbal extract add 1/2 cup rosewater
a drop or 2 of essential oil if desired

Should not need refrigeration as it is naturally can thank rosemary for part of that!
This recipe is mostly for skin cleansing, so you see that there are many vaiations to Queen of Hungary water being passed down as well, but all with good results for the intended use.

Rosemary has been touted as part of the 4 thieves story. This story has many versions so I wont tell it, but can share a recipe that goes along with whatever story you may run into which basically states that the thieves never succumbed to the black plague due to the plants used.

Original Recipe for Four Thieves Formula
3 pints white wine vinegar
handful wormwood
handful meadowsweet
handful juniper berries
handful wild marjoram
handful sage
50 cloves
2 oz. elecampane root
2 oz. angelica
2 oz. rosemary
2 oz. horehound
3 g camphor

Lice-YUCK we mothers HATE THE WORD and any of us that have dealt with severe cases know how disturbing they are.
One of my daughters had lice so bad and continued to be reinfested for months that we cut off all her long hair into a military cut.
This finally eradicated the littel buggers since we could actually see what was going on with my dear Rachie. She was glad they were gone so the haircut was not too sensitive of an issue int hat time of her life. However, once we heard about the lice outbreak, we may have been able to ward it off with rosemary oil massaged into the scalp or dried ground herbs dusted and brished through. this is preventative, not a cure. But good to know now.
And speaking of head and hair, rosemary promotes healthy follicles of the hair, may prevent hair loss and dandruff. Usually a good strong infusion is applied over the scalp and hair while catching the liquid in a large container so you can continue reusing over and over for several minutes. I am currently using Rosemary Verbenone Essential oil in jojoba oil and warning on the woodstove a few minutes and massaging into my scalp every few days this winter. This action along with adding humidity into our home has been keeping a difficult skin issue at bay. This has been a long battle for me, so I cannot rejoice enough in the relief of my suffering and public embarrassment.

Gail Faith Edwards writes in her book, Opening our Wild Hearts to the Healing Herbs, that the old saying goes,"where rosemary flourishes, there a strong woman rules."
I have a little problem with that in that I have never been able to keep my rosemary plants flourishing in my Ozark property. Maybe this year....I try every year.
I am strong though;)


hastings said...

Thank yo. I can smell it from here :) uplifting and energizing.

Sara Vegimama said...

Very educating today mama! I used to use a rosemary rinse to wash my dreadlocks, smelled delicious :)