Monday, July 21, 2008

In mourning of my mom

My mom passed away friday night...she died of lung cancer.

It is intense in my life right now for so many reasons, so I am probably going to need some time to work through this. Just letting you all know.
Love KR

Friday, July 18, 2008

Womens gathering under the full moon-the power of nature

Imagine the way it used to be when women actually supported one another. Do you know what that is like? Probably very few of us have had the blessing of that.

Do you take time for yourself doing something that actually nurtures you?

How is your connection to nature around you? Do you fear it or does it soothe your soul?

There are so many thoughts that I seem to understand deeper as I have experienced things the past few years.

I must say that I felt seriously called to come back out to this area and not sure exactly why.
I knew that plant study would be part of my work here, but so much of what is happening is true nurturing to ME.
Granted it has only been a week, but I have my children with me, and still working, yet my physical condition is about 85% better this week.

Allergens and smoke from California fires has crept into the valley, but Bio Allers to the rescue and I am well! (bio allers is a great homeopathic ermedy for allergies that seems to work for me everytime!)
The hikes have been so fulfilling, the water running down the mountains, the smell of lodgepole all makes me feel loved and ok.
The elder is wild here and the gentian violets are a real treat to see. So beautiful.

Yesterday I decided to scale the side of Teton pass in search of arnica flowers with Ben who is 7 and Olivia who is 4 in tow. What an adventure. I was so proud of my littles for doing so well without fear. We gathered wild sage instead.

Last night however, was such a treat. Womens drum circle with women from all walks of life just visiting, sharing food, drumming, singing, dancing, together....under the full moon lighting up the snow topped Tetons on one side, and the gentle valley mountain silhouettes on the other side.
Looking at the Tetons, it was intense!!!! DID I SAY INTENSE?
The Tetons do something to the emotions in likening of taking your heart and completely turning it inside out, emptying it of all the garbage that is trapped in there. I know that sounds crazy that a mountain range has that much power, but it does here.
The Tetons make you face yourself in a very real way and it puts it in your face so intensely, that looking away at the more gentle mountains are neccessary in order to catch your breath and obtain some calm.

Watching the huge gorgeous globe rise above the mountain peaks was the most beautiful thing I have seen in years. And the sky was lit by the moons light the entire night. I was chilly, even by the fire. But I was nurtured and was called to prayer most of the evening as other women drummed...I was faced with the Tetons, myself, and the intensity of prayer for those around me and definately myself.
We are midsummer....I encourage you if you can, take some time in nature and let her love you and help you. Make friends. Eat, dance, live, love.
One day I can upload the beautiful pictures I have taken, but for now I leave you with a picture online of the Teton range, the intense side.
Just to gaze at the presence makes you feel as though you are on holy ground. Dont let this sweet little photo fool
Being here is intense and magical. I am certain I am being changed. This is not just book knowledge happening here, it is so real and doing knowledge. An interconnected place...and how long I will be here I do not exactly know. I want the work to be done in me, then in turn I will serve others and myself in a more powerful way. It is a hard journey. Days I feel like I am ready to break down and cry, and yet, I feel more power.
Thank you for being part of this with me

Much love peace and prayers to you all,

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our first week in Wyoming

I have so many beautiful pictures to share, but have to use the library computer. Dont know how I will get these uploaded anytime soon.
We are having a beautiful time so far here.

The trip was uneventful with the exception of a visit with my dear friend Eve Mary.

About an hour from Jackson, we drove over a large mountain pass and once over the Tetons were in a fog in the distance. It was almsot like I was walking into a dream.

The plant life is beautiful here, although the arnica season is ending soon and i still have not harvested. I did get a tour with local herbalist of many mountain herbs and flowers used in Flower Essences. Harvesting wild plants under the graces of the Teton range is amazing.
So far, yarrow, horsetail and roses. Today I found abundant elder and immediately put into oil.

More to come. Jsut no computer access to get it all written down properly yet.

Much love to everyone!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day .5 and the elder abounds

Jsut a brief update on our first half day on the road. Our suburban is loaded to the brim with stuff....mostly my boys' things they need in Wyoming.
A little opening to see out the back window and the maximum safe speed for such weight is 65mph.

The stereo in our gas machine is very nice, so I grabbed a nice handful of cd's to which John Mayer, Jack Johnston, Metallica, Matchbox Twenty and Nickelback got the first listens while shaking the ole booty and singin loudly. My 3 younger children are with me and really love Nickelback..especially Hero from the Spiderman movie so they played it several times and sang loudly....they were so cute.

We spent about an hour reveiwing multiplication facts and enjoyed watching the airplanes land as we passed the Kansas City Airport.

The elder's are as vibrant here as they are back home....I wonder if this is the peoples medicine this year.
I do not recall ever a time where it was so abundant, which makes me wonder if nature is providing for us this bounty for a good reason.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The loving chronicles of the HERBAL ADVENTURE GIRL

Headed to the Tetons where the air is clean and the herbs are wild this year.
Dragon Lady Tea, Heather Bupp and I are going to spend time visiting and working with the plants, attending a full moon womens drum circle, and I am sure much more.

Her teas rock by the way if you want some yum!

I will be back a changed and stronger herbal woman! WOO HOO

Wish me kids and I are sardines lol

Saturday, July 5, 2008


As the humidity rises in the Ozark air, I can smell the wise mother elder as her blossoms reach out like an umbrella toward the shining sun. I plant myself down under her branches to have lunch with my children. What a pleasant experience of peace and serenity as her aroma fills our space.

She is magical and wonderful adn full of folklore. Her name, ELDER is appropriate. You see, her value is as great as the worth of an elder human.

I know many dont consider older people as valuable, but the older folks have lived through all of lifes twists and turns, and yet they survived. Inside them is wisdom from their experiences which can be helpful to the younger generation if we seek out their secrets.

Elder has many helps for us, if we will turn to her for it.

Gail Faith Edwards shares that grandmothers beleived that you had to build a rapport with elder to get the best energy from her.
She writes that we should find an elder tree and visit it often. When we are in need, respectfully ask permission to use its medicine.

I will be honest, I often gather my elder wild as I find her. The tree in my yard is fairly new and I am allowing her little interferance so I may study her better.

I do thank the trees when I gather. Currently, I am harvesting her flowers to use in winter teas for fevers. You can add this to yarrow or peppermint for this if you want.
I also made up a lovely oil from her precious flowers, and have already used it up in my beautiful lotions, baby balms, and solid perfumes. Next year, I will tincture more, and also make elder water for skincare.
Elder is astringent and helps tighten pores.
It is also good for a mouth rinse, healing sore throats, mouth sores and inflammation of the gums.
I have heard of its use for conjunctivitis and sore eyes, even whent here is twitching, by washing the eyes with elder flower infusion.

The flowers act on permeating kidney cells and by the flowers acting on it, heat is cleared through the urinary tract. Toxic buildup can be released.

Ironically, elder is stimulant and relaxant.
Stimulant in the case of fast acting. May bring energy.
Relaxant in regards to bronchial spasms, sinus problems and excess phlegm. It also relaxes the nerves and helps some folks sleep. An infusion of the blossoms taken of the green stems is what is used.

Elder is alterative, which means it can help renew the health of an unhealthy organ or blood.
Alteratives usually help imbalance and bring life to the entire body.

High in bioflavanoids, and vitamin c, the flowers and berries are also antiviral and immune stimulating.
A hot tea of either will help you sweat out a fever, however most of us like the berries for syrup.
Cold tea is used as a diuretic.

Most common complaints calling for elder is upper respiratory tract.
When we talk about upper respiratory, think of things that happen kind of above the neck. Laryngitis,sinus problems, tonsilitis as well as flu and common colds.

The berries contain a flavanoid called procyanidins which is antioxidant and very similar to the positives found in red wine.
More potent in antioxidants as a matter of fact than vitamin c and e.
Procyanidins help strengthen cappillary walls, maintain collagen for healthy young skin, reduce histamine which may prevent allergies, and more. This is the same flavanoid praised in grapes, cocoa, bilberry, pine bark and other fruits.

The berries can be toxic if taken in large amounts uncooked. The safest varieties are Sambucus canadensis, Sambucus caerulea and Sambucus nigra which are dark purple or black berries.
The red berries from other varieties of Sambucus are most toxic so look for the dark berries kind.
Most herbalist I know use their berries in tea or syrup. All herbalist using elder only have positive experience with this plant.
Maybe that is why the grandmothers wanted to know their elders before earn her good graces:)

The berries also are rich in vitamin a. They also contain laetrile, which has been discussed for years as a cancer cure.
The color of the berries are from water soluble pigments of the proanthocyanins which also prevents build up of uric acid. This is good for gout and rheumatism.

Too many, and you will be running to the bathroom, because they are laxative in a good amount.
Dont let this deter you from enjoying the berries, however. That has never happened to my family. You probably need alot, but it is good to know that it can get things going.

And of course, the famous elderberry wine. One year I look forward to making my own. I have tried some locally, but it was far too sweet for my tastes.
Wine, syrup, tea...all useful and nutritive medicine.

The roots, leaves and stem are safe to use externally. The leaves can be made into strong tea and sprayed onto plants to deter aphids and caterpillars according to Gail Faith.
If you take elder bark internally, you will be very sick. It is highly purgative!
But you can make an oil with it and create a salve good for burns and ulcers.
Some native American indians used bark for toothaches, even fresh however.

Magical and ritual use is wide with this beautiful herb. Elder flower can be burned in ritual, and the stories are vast and wide as to how to use the plant magically.

The emotional healing of flower essence of elder is energy stimulation, vigor, resilience, joy, and our power of recovery and energy renewal.

So when you run into a beautiful stand of elder, caress the umbel and allow your nose to inhale the beauty of our mother elder.
Her pollen will stick to your nose and will make you smile.


I am headed to the rocky mountains armed with 3 children under 11 and a suburban loaded to the brim with my grandbabies furnishings and my older childrens stuff (junk really)

I have made some awesome items to take with me and am running a kick ass sale today.

3 for $10 lip balmThese will come in .5 oz tins with no label.

Handwritten on label, but the quality is still perfect (I ordered the wrong size label)

Made with hand extracted oils of plantain, chickweed, comfrey,elder flower, extra virgin olive oil, raw organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, fair trade shea butter,pure beeswax.

Here are the essential oil choices-

Basil Lime

Lavender Chamomile

Herbacious totally unscented

Hemp ginger lemon

Rose vanilla

Medicine Man-camphor, rosemary, tea tree

Ginger Orange

Orange Dream- orange and vanilla

Lavender Orange

Mocha-with coffee butter and vanilla

Sensational mint-

Mandarin orange

Lemon Lime

Lavender Rosemary

Cardamom Citrus

A word of caution however, citrus oils can attract the sun and create sunburn easy. Use caution when using any lip balm with citrus oils in them.

I have never had a problem in all the years I have been making and using lip balm, and I am a LIP BALM ADDICT, but it can happen.

I dont apply citrus lip balms when I know I am going to be outside, otherwise it is no biggie at all.

So if you are laying out, go with lavender chamomile or know something without citrus

And we also have this kick ass sale going on this weekend only.

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soap for $20 ppd
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5 different blends

The Following Soaps are made with costly essential oils and ARE NOT part of the 5 for $20
Flower Power

These are loaded with organic shea, Indonesian patchouli, Bulgarian rose, clove, sweet orange, amber, and ylang ylang.

retail is $8 each
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This is patchouli and sweet orange with moraccan red clay and not as much shea butter.

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The Flower Power, Sandalwood and Mother earth are new and will need to sit for a couple weeks after you receive them for best results and hardness.

Bath Bliss Therapeutic Bath Salts

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Skin loving herbal oils, grapeseed oil, rosehip seed oil, beeswax, aloe gel, rosewater, herbal tincture, flower essence, awapuhi and essential oils.

Rose Vanilla retail $7 sale is $6

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The comfrey causes sores to heal much faster)

Jewelweed salve (for poison ivy and rash) 1 left

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These prices are US only. International orders will have additional shipping charges according to what the post office charges me.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

When your best Arkansas friend births

Its hard to go back to

Welcome to the world Samuel Lattimore

born this morning at 2:46 am

6 lbs 12 oz

I live an hour and half away and missed his emergence by less than half an hour.

It was glorious to be with Joy after her birth to be with sweet Samuel and be there for Joy in case she needed anything.

Now I cannot get back to sleep....Good things happening.

I love you Joy (and Latt, Jackson, Rowan and Samuel)

Doesn't she look amazing for just giving birth??? That hippie lifestyle workin for her I think;)

My health and how alternative medicine can sometimes fail

Some of you have walked a path with me for several months of suffering.
I literally felt as though my insides had fallen and were going to come right outta me.
From there, my body began to react very strangely and off balance. I had digestive issues, back pain, got a UTI and all manners of strange and painful physical symptoms which then wreaked havok on my emotional well being.

The doctors were very expensive, and the only insurance I have is cervical cancer visits every quarter. As as I had money I went to several herbal or alternative healers that I was referred to by others and whose prices were affordable.

I was told all manners of diagnosis FROM pre cancer that was all over my pelvic region TO it was my fault because I chose it.

I was in pain, and my emotional wellbeing was struggling badly.

At the time, what I needed so very much was loving care.

And greatest need was to be LISTENED to.

How far we have come from that basic need.

Often, as healers, we are trying scientifically or magically to tell people what they need. Sometimes a person just needs to be cared for or made to feel that they are important and have value.
Giving a person hope is the beginning of quality of life for someone ailing.
I dont mean gloss over issues. No we need to address the issues for sure.

However I found through this chapter of life was that people are more focused on their power to heal you without really listening to your problems.

I finally was connected with a few that listened. One was my friend in Jackson, who also referred me to another healer that really had encouraging words for me. After talking with her I felt very positive. I was so afraid of the blame game again that I never told this lady I was sick. lol

About the same time, I saw my raidation doctor, hoping that a visit with him might be covered under the cervical cancer program.
I hestitated going because I was not sure he would know for sure, but he LISTENED to me and spent time with me and felt I needed some estrogen. He helped me so much and even hooked me up with my first prescription. ( I always enjoyed this doctor because he always took as much time as I needed when going through treatment)
I began to feel stronger pretty quick, but all was not perfect. I had a few relapses after that.
So I saved enough money for a Gyn that is open to many forms of healing. She was able to get me in right away, and she spent 2 hours with me. She did an extremely thorough pelvic exam and she agreed that hormones and vigorous kegel excercises could fix my pain. She also did a few other tests, and determined that candida is a battle for me as well.
(Darn it beer or fermentated herbal things for awhile.-thanks menopause :()

Both these doctors that listened to me and truly HEARD what I was saying helped me begin to heal.

This gyn also is setting me up with natural bio identical hormones, and she is so sweet she called me yesterday just to see how I was doing. Now that is care!

I also got a TSH test with another former midwife for about 10% of what I was quoted at the cheapest doctors office.
Everything just came together ...and my thyroid is good after all...yay

I am not dying and full of disease. I am not a person that chose to be ill.

My body and muscles prolapsed, which is something with a little commitment on my part, can be corrected. Cancer treatment was hard on my body and the menopause that came along with the treatment finally caught up while I was unaware.

The incorrect diagnosis from these other healers that weren't even paying attention to me caused me more pain and money in the long run because I had to get an expensive cat scan to see if the cancer diagnosis was correct.

All some could see was my past of having cervical cancer, without further exploring but telling me the worst.
Others just wanted to pick my diet apart and tell me to drink certain tea.

Sadly, all along I knew my muscles prolapsed, but I was so confused by the other symptoms. That was what made me seek help, and that is what threw me in the wrong path. I doubted myself, especially after these other more experienced healers put me in doom.

The worse part was that my emotional state was a mess, when all I needed was estrogen.

I AM SO GRATEFUL that someone listened. And those that listened both felt I needed the same help.

So the moral of the story is that I learned so many things through this ordeal, and the last chapter I got to see first hand what kind of herbalist I DONT want to be!!!

When you and I are seeking the counsel of any healer, in any healing modality at all, we need to be sure that we aren't just us writing down our history on forms but that we are truly being heard.

I will be a good listener for all my clients~
I wont let ego get in the way of being the best I can be.
This is my mantra:)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Herbalist Spotlight-Angie Goodloe

Angie Goodloe is such a sweet herbalist as well as educated.
She is a 34 year old wife and mother. She is due with her second child very soon as well as has a daughter that is about a year and a half.

So herbal mothering is second nature to this wonderful woman.

I am sure we will see more of Angie in the years to come.

I sent her a questionairre and here is a littel about her life she shares with us.

Do you remember what was going on in your life that lead you to herbs?
Herbs and plants have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My family has wildcrafted, used natural and folk remedies, and practiced a country way of living (gardening, canning, homemade meals, working outdoors, farm animals et). My Mother and Grandmother were the main influences. I was lucky as a child because my house bordered a forest in the Pacific Northwest, in the Columbia River Gorge where I could explore and get to know all of the local flora & “weeds”.

How old were you at that time?
Very young, as long as I can remember~
I was always a “Tom Boy” playing in the dirt and letting my imagination run wild. My Grandmother had 10 kids, they were immigrants who worked the fields, so a sense of self reliance and country ways where always ingrained into me. My Grandma was originally from Arkansas, she passed down many folk ways to me.

Can you share some of the work that has most influenced you? Such as
books, blogs, video and lectures.
Besides my family, Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel was the first book that really got my passion flowing. I was about 10 or 11 when I read it. The second herbalist (besides Mom and Grandma) would be Juliette Levy. I have always loved animals, I felt more confident working with them when I first started. Her Gypsy ways always intrigued me, I would spend hours wandering through the forest, this was my escape. Another would be Michael Moore, I still love all of his books. Rosemary Gladstar is another one of my favorites, I can really relate to her style. A few more are Stephen Buhner, Matthew Wood, Leslie Tierra. Aviva Romm has been a recent favorite of mine, since becoming a new Mother, her books have helped me tremendously.

My first formal herbal education was the Australasian College of Health Sciences in Portland Or. I graduated from their Master Herbalist Program and their Holistic Nutrition program. Prior to that education, I was a certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor. I have my Mother’s influence to thank for that as well, besides always being active, she got me started strength training, skiing, martial arts, and hiking from a very early age. I have always had an interest in overall wellness, taking college courses, consulting others, and practicing this lifestyle for myself and my family.

I love to take classes, I am currently working with Kiva Rose, and I plan on taking Micheal Moore, Paul Bergner, rosemary Gladstar, Aviva Romm and whatever other books, lectures and seminars I can seem to afford!
I love learning and networking with other herbalists as well, I consider jim mcdonald a close friend and an absolute genius! He is amazingly open and accessible with all of his knowledge.

When I first got access to the internet, I ran across Henriette Cress’s website, I went crazy printing all sorts of resources from there.

I also have an interest in wild foods, outdoor survival, and Indigenous Herbalism. I love to research the Pacific Northwest Native American traditions. When I give my herbal & wild food walks, I like to add native uses for plants in my descriptions. Growing up, I had Native American influences from my uncle, this helped to foster an early interest.

Spirituality and healing have been a more recent interest of mine. In the past few years this has been a major focus and I realize it’s importance when it comes to a balanced state of health. Connecting with the earth has always been a natural thing for me, as I get older I learn to appreciate it’s importance even more. I would frequently sit with plants and connect with all of nature as a child, it is funny how we end up seeing the importance of this and long to return to it as an adult. Now I still get out in nature as much as possible, I find it very healing and rejuvenating.

My Licensed Massage Therapist education in 2002 really helped my healing practice come full circle. I got to learn both western and eastern techniques, received an excellent education in anatomy, physiology, pathology and kinesiology. This helped with my intake skills as well as intuitive abilities. Incorporating massage, wellness, spirituality and herbal remedies really gives me a chance to empower others to be balanced and focus on overall health. Since I have a background in many types of healing modalities, I use a little of everything from my healing “tool box” when meeting with clients.

In 2005 I had the opportunity to work as a manager at The Green Herb Apothecary here in Sandy Or before they closed in 2007. This gave me the opportunity to see alternative medicine trends and the needs of the community. I really enjoyed having frequent interaction with the community daily. Working in a store atmosphere helped me with the business aspect as well. After the closing of the apothecary I ran an online store selling the remainder of the inventory of herbal remedies, vitamins, books and crafts.

As for blogs, my favorite is Kiva Roses Medicine Woman Roots, I have many others, but this is at the top of my list.
I enjoy forums, herbwifery & Susun weed’s.

When making plant medicine, are you drawn to any particular method?

I enjoy wildcrafing my own medicine, making all types of healing medicine with intention. I make a lot of tinctures.

Do you have a most memorable event, conference, or one on one
experience with any of our herbal foremothers and forefathers or any other key
person used in your path of herbalism? And how has that influenced you
Probably foraging with my Mother, and my Grandmothers healing medicine (not just herbs) she was a garden steward, and she was an incredible healer, praying for others, an excellent listener, an incredible medicine woman!
My love of nature. Nature itself influenced me, it’s amazing new discoveries every day made me want to learn more, connect more. I had an interest in this for as long as I can remember, without having to be pushed into it. I loved it so much I spent more time outside than inside, connecting with the forest, rivers, ocean and animals. I have always believed they have a spirit all their own, and yes I believe in fairies!!!!

Where are you located?
Mt Hood~ Sandy Oregon

Do you work with the public and could you describe your work? such as:
Do you teach classes?
I teach classes at Universal Class.
I host herb walks
I enjoy writing in my blog Herbalist Path (Kr notes, check her blog out for her schedule, workshops, etc.. too)
I am taking a break from working full time as an LMT, to stay home with my Daughter and my 2nd child that is due July 4th. I still practice at the Guide Dogs For the Blind, with the students there occasionally.

I work with people when referred, I no longer have a place to hang my shingle (the rent did not make sense after my Daughter was born), I am playing around with the idea of consulting from home (instead of traveling) I just moved to a new home and plan on planting a healing garden here, I may teach a small group of students at my home.

I am planning to teach a few classes focusing on women’s health at a book shop in Welches Oregon in the spring.

Do you offer consultations?

Do you travel for herbal work?
Yes, I also help people online and by phone.

Do you have a vision for your work in the future or are you seeing how
it unfolds?

Oh yes, I dream every day! I would love to someday have a healing center, with an apothecary and garden onsite, offering classes, and a variety of holistic healing techniques. I do not see my self in a “white coat” clinical type atmosphere.
I would also love to write more, perhaps publish a book someday.

Most of the readers are new to herbs and if there is one word of wisdom
or sage advice you could leave them, what would that be?

Don’t feel like you “need” some fancy certificate to practice with herbs. Work with the plants, know your limits, be educated, but practice! That is the only real way to learn. Experience nature, heal yourself so you can better heal others.

Kegel Exercise- They are essential my friends

Women, I plead with you, DO THESE!

I cannot even begin to tell you how important these are. I will be blogging my painful experience soon, but for now, most important is to get this information out there to women.

Eventually, things can go south in the body. Muscles can atrophy and give out.
Menopause, with the lack of hormones, can be a huge factor in this as well as childbirth.

Because cancer treatment put me into menopause at age 40, this is my passion. I want young mama's to be ready for this glorious change without the health issues.
So please dont mind my ranting. lol

Here are some tips to help us know what to do for our pelvic muscles to prevent prolapse or urinary incontinence as well as pain in the bladder and urethra from the lack of tone in these muscles.

To find the pelvic floor muscles, imagine that you have a tampon in your vagina that is falling out and you must tighten your vaginal muscles to hold it in.
The muscle that you tighten is the one to exercise.
Another way to find the right muscles (the bulbocavernosis muscle) is to sit on the toilet, place one finger in the vagina and contract the muscle around your finger. This is the muscle you want to exercise.

If you are unsure that you are doing the excercises properly, your doctor or midwife can help you during a pelvic exam.

You can teach your body bad toilet habits by doing this when urinating so try these exercises at other times.
Watching tv, red lights while driving, on the phone, doing dishes.
Get in the habit of doing them.

Thing of an arm muscle. When you start lifting weights, your muscles may become sore. Also it may take some time to develop biceps. But eventually, it comes.
Your pelvic muscles may become sore too but that is a good sign of building the muscle tissue back up.
Some women may feel soreness around the vaginal opening initially. This is normal due to building the muscles. Keep doing the exercises. The saying "use it or lose it" totally applies here.

For severe urine loss this may take 3-6 months for maximum effect.

If you get headache, chest discomfort, abdominal muscle soreness, then you are contracting other muscles in addition to the bulbocavernosis muscles. Concentrate on the perineum (between vagina and anus) and relax the other muscles.

For most women, some doctors feel that doing kegels once a day is sufficient by holding the muscle for as long as possible before relaxing again.

Think of a weightlifter lifting a weight and people around the weightlifter is saying Come on, come on, you can do it. They may be shaking toward the end until they just cannot endure anymore. Then they stop and relax.

During your next pelvic exam ask your practitioner how your muscle tone is and get their suggestion for you.

For some of us however, through childbirth and menopause, we need a more serious routine. I will type out the routine I am doing right now. It works!

Tighten pelvic floor muscles for a count of six and relax for six seconds.
Each contraction cycle should last 12 seconds or 5 contractions per minute.
repeat 25 times.
Do this 3 times a day for a total of 75 contractions.

Tighten the pelvic floor muscles for 6 seconds every 12 seconds (5 per minute) for 10 minutes. 50 contractions. Do this 3 times per day for a total of 150 contractions.

Tighten pelvic floor muscles for 6 seconds every 12 seconds (5 per minute) for 15 minutes, 75 contractions.
Do this 3 times per day for a total of 225 contractions

WEEK 4-24
Tighten the pelvic floor muscles for 6 secnds every 12 seconds (5 per minute) for 20 minutes. 100 contraction. Do this 3 times per day for a total of 300 contractions.

Continue maintenance at 10 minutes three times per day or 15 miutes twice a day for a total of 150 contractions per day.

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