Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter Walk Day 14

Tommarrow is our anniversary and on a fluke we ended up with our Special friends in Eureka Springs. O HOW WE NEEDED some time with friends.
This is Patrice and Karen Gros family. Patrice runs which is an organic farm that serves the community in 100 mile radius.
Ray and I aprectice there plast year and plan to this year. I say "apprentice" because the definition fits, however a true Foundation Farm apprentice does more days and has the opportunity to stay there in a cabin type dwelling and earn some money. That is a pretty nice deal! If I did not have a family I would do that.
I AM an apprentice tho in my own mind because I am learning from a passionate master of organic gardening and I treasure not only the friendship but the teacher/student relationship. I need the guidance, and as a woman desiring to dive deeper into herbalism, this is something I want to incorporate into my dream of an herb center on a larger scale.
Karen, is a french gourmet cook and does all sort of neat things with cooking and classes. I may be her apprentice one day too. I plan on attending classes. And really Karen can probably master anything she prepares, but her spread on french cuisine is really amazing. Look at her Valentines Soiree'

Menu “Saint Valentin” 2008


Homemade duck foie gras on rye crostini
sprinkled with coarse sea salt
Foie gras de canard au pain de seigle et du gros sel

Savory cheese & parsley profiteroles
Profiteroles au fromage et persil


Celeriac velouté with roast beet garnish
served with horseradish butter on crostini
Velouté de céleri rave à la bette rave et croûte beurre de raifort


Duck confit and sausage pastry ramekins with light cream sauce
served with assorted vegetables
Bouchée a la reine au confit de canard et saucisse crème léger
servi aux légumes variées
(Vegetarian option available)


Assorted classic cheese board & salad with walnut vinaigrette
Plateau de fromage et la salade vinaigrette à la noix


Traditional Brittany crêpes
Choice of sauce chocolat or sauce caramel au beurre salé
with freshly whipped cream & vanilla ice cream
Served with cider, as is tradition in Brittany
Crêpes au choix sauce chocolat ou sauce caramel au beurre salé
servi à la chantilly et glace vanille


French coffee served with a dark chocolate truffle

$100 per person

Price is all-inclusive & covers: 5-course menu, freshly-baked bread, champagne or wine with each course, cider, coffee, service, taxes & tip.

You can see Karens Work at

So today I feel refreshed in having had some wine and conversation with 2 special people we know and love in Eureka Springs.

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