Monday, September 8, 2008

You cannot escape the call

I was harvesting herbs in the forest this week hiking up hill with my 2 youngest children. It seemed nature was calling to me so strong that day, giving me ideas for many medicinal purposes to help others.
I felt such joy and power.

The same feelings I often experienced as a kid when my dad would take me fishing in the mountains of Utah. I would wander for hours perfectly content without fear and I felt so much power.
So connected. And then I grew up. Those memories were etched in my brain. How I missed waht I had experienced when a child.

In a moments time I realized that my calling was birthed in me as a girl.Nothing ever in my life has come close to those fishing memories. Such amazing power, freedom, and trust is the best words to describe how I felt. Of course I was not an herbalist nor did I know about the plant world then.
I did know how to walk for hours on rocks in the river and pretend that I was guiding people through the wilderness. Such Fun!

I am at home in the pine forests and mountains. I feel my spirit soar and my female instincts rise up. I walk with a keen-ness to what is around me when I am in the high country and my intuition kicks into gear. I think of my people, mama's, clients, my family, and help comes to mind for them best in my retreat alone in the mountains.

I am powerless. I am in love. Drawn by the beating heart of mother earth, I cannot escape the work I am to do. Because to help people, I need to be in the highest place to seek the spirit of what I must do to help others.
She draws me constantly to spend time in her womb to rebirth myself and the emerging daughter I am to be.
This place is my cathedral and I am drawn to worship the creator with a humble sincere soul, emptying out all to the ground. Often I want to cry. I feel shaken inside, again powerless. In Awe.
My church! My refuge! I could easily hug a tree and bow to the earth as I tremble at the majesty of this place. Trust.

There is no escaping the spirit and when she says go, indeed you cannot escape it otherwise you be troubled continually until you follow through with what you are to do.
I am a medicine woman, powerless again the spirit calling me....calling me strongly with love. My heart beats with intensity as I sit at the feet of mother earth to hear what she is saying and to follow through as a wise daughter with her teachings.
Blessed Be

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lets not forget the healing power of the SUN

I learned a great truth this week. I dont know if I ever considered the sun healing, rather more helpful for things like vitamin D and health.

But this week I learned how the sun can heal.

I was out with my children as they prepared for the school bus. It was very chilly and I was not planning on being out to long so did not dress accordingly.
On my way up to my apartment, the neighbor comes out and decides to chat.
We must have spent a half hour outside and all the while I kept thinking of how cold I was becoming and feeling something try to grip.

I went about the rest of my day struggling to warm up. I would drink teas as well as doing my regular household chores but the coldness wanted to linger and my throat and chest started feeling sore.

I had a few hours alone in the afternoon and really felt called to the river to harvest medicinal herbs for my people. Donned with stocking cap, long sleeve, jeans and hoodie, wool socks and all, I went to the river feeling yuckier UNTIL I ARRIVED.

I got out of my car with backpack full of paper bags and scissors, my water bottle and cell phone. An easy load.
I began walking and the sun was beating upon me and dont you know within a couple minutes I was completely cured.
I spent the afternoon there harvesting and feeling great. And I within an hour my stocking cap was off, hoodie in my backpack and was relaly feeling warm and great!
(of course being with the plants helps even though I walked into the middle of 3 snakes which took my by surprise)

And I pondered how fast this recovery happened.

You know, we have created our homes and lives completely indoors. Most of us rarely go out unless we are getting into our car to go somewhere or check our mail and then it is back to our caves.
I can stay busy in my cave for an entire day and never go out if I really dont think about it.

People are not supposed to live that way. We are to live with sunlight and fresh air.

Certainly some folks are sensitive to the sun as skin cancer rises, and sometimes protective care is essential to folks for their health, but to fear the sun it is not healthy. We need the sun. Boy even a 10 minute walk during the cool of the day while the sun is still out can be so good for the mind, as well as the body.

I was impressed with the suns healing touch that day and just wanted to pass it on:)