Sunday, September 30, 2007

Harvest Party at Foundation Farm 2007

Music, laughter, community and organic foods! It does not get much better than that.

We arrived about 12:30 to help Karen set up since Patrice was at Farmers market.

About 2-3 people began to arrive. The children laughed and played, mostly on the trailer of straw mulch

Ray and I had such a good time. Ray is social so he enjoyed visiting while I am introverted and prefer to stay busy and serve. I spent most of my time by karens side helpign with food and clean up with visiting in between.
A little wine helps the nervousness of crowds and thankfully people brought a few bottles to enjoy.
The sense of community at this party was magnificent. Everyone supprting the work at the farm and organic produce. People came from Eureka springs of course since that is local, and Berryville, Fayetteville and in between.
It has been so rewarding working at the farm volunteering/apprenticing. Patrice is amazing-real and genuine and Karen is wonderful to.
Just wanted to share our beautiful day out in the sunshine with the people the support our local organic agriculture. is the website for anyone that may want more information.
We served sandwiches on local baguettes by Eureka Bread Company. Cut each into 5th and had vegetable sandwiches and free range chicken sandwiches with the chicken by Little Portion.
We used Karens homeade vinegarette, with farm fresh basil, arugula, peppers, tomatoes, onions adn then chicken for those sandwiches cooked with Karens homeade bbq sauce. She makes homeade ketchup and homeade teriyaki and combines. YUM!
She also made 17 dozen cookies.
We had organic mint we floated in our water. Delicious.
I enjoyed meeting some Europeans. Listening to French accents as well as German was fascinating.
Patrice being French, attracts Europeans which is so wonderful to be able to meet others from other countries.
And hearing Karen speak fluent French was also very fun.
One thing that Ray and I both felt strongly was that this venue was family friendly with alcohol.
It just shows how alcohol can be ok in a group setting without a singel incidence.
The worst thing that happened was some male dogs getting to frisky with a female. SHE LET THEM KNOW she was not interested! lol
HAd my precious daughter not had an accident in her pants, we probably woudl have stayed another hour or 2 to help clean up. That was a very fast 6+ hours for us.
I am so greatful for the experience.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Organic Farm Experience

I was born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada. Small scale farming was practically unheard of.
Water is diminishing in the lake. Las Vegas is pretty dependant upon neighboring California and surrounding areas to feed their city.
Since I was a little girl, I dreamt of places like Vermont and other scenes plastered on wall calenders.
I am currently living in the Ozarks so that is a dream come true of sorts.

This year, I had the opportunity to apprentice at

It has been so rewarding and enriching. There are other folks that work the farm with the creator, Patrice Gros. It is amazing the sense of community that occurs out there. I could see a person for 5 minutes for the very first time, and we will visit for hours like old friends. It never fails.
The organic farm is spiritual. I dont know if it is the beauty, the plants themselves, or the thriving life, but I feel like I have walked away from a powerful church service when I go home.

I have pictures on and have been blogging since the summer about it, but today is fall and I have a new blog. So there may be less and less writing about this venture coming soon, but for the next few weeks, come with me to experience the autumn work at the organic farm.
It has been such a rewarding experience for my family.

I typically tend on Mondays, but this week I was up to my ears in orders. So I went on Friday adn worked with Fred, the guy Friday as he refers to himself.
Fred has been homesteading for only a year now adn it sounds liek he got a huge jump starrt. He is already selling at farmers market and has on the side music lessons he teaches. His wife is a nurse as well so they are fixing up their 12 acre farm.
We had a great time visiting while harvesting basil.
We usually round out our work day around noon with a farm fresh meal. Today was squash pancakes with dip sauce.
My 15 year old Josh, came out for the first time-his homeschool science for the day.
He helped with basil until he got a rash, and then moved over to the beans. He also herlped prepare the meal.
Olivia also came for her first farm visit and she sat with the doge, Billy and Roux for msot fo the day and watched Patrice work.
I am so thankful she did well out there so that if I need to bring her again, I feel she will behave and stay off the beds. You know how 3 year olds are!
This Saturday is the Foundation Farm Harvest Party we are invited to. A good time to meet others passionate about quality organic foods.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

This is cute for some reason:)

Today I begin my new blog

I have so much to share here about my life, experience as a blossoming herbalist, and apprenticing at the organic farm.

I am mother to 7 children, all born naturally. 4 of the births were unassisted and delivered by my husband and I.

I have been through divorce, poverty and cancer and thankfully have survived them all. I strive for positive. I want to live a good life and to help others acheive a good life too. Not in riches but in knowledge, simple living, community and natural ideas.
I am no expert. I am learning so much continually,but what I have learned, I hope I can pass on to another that could be blessed by what I have to share.
And thus we have the Blessings of an Herbwyfe:)