Monday, October 22, 2007

Growing as an herbwyfe Last part for now

So after these activities it felt like the next 5 days was truly vacation. I spent time with my family without work in front of me or research.
Here is Ariella and I (tired Granny)

Josh had so many questions about Hoover Dam so I decided to pay the money for a tour. It did help clear up some questions.

Was able to hike with Nicole and the littles

And harvest vitex from my parents place

We left on Wednesday morning, spent the night with Anabelle in NM and Dina was there with her kids all ripe for birth

While still in Arizona, I observed the Mullein and how HUGE it grows there as well as fanning out on the top. the mullein here does not fan out and grows a third to some of those huge stalks of yellow flowers some still in bloom

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