Monday, October 22, 2007

Growing as an herbwyfe part 4

It was vacation at that point. I had the next 5 days to soak up the desert sun and air and embrace my loved ones.
So it was Ella time Sunday.
Did I post this one funny. She loves her parents

On the 14th, Robyn and I fast and furious cleaned the house and created food. At 3 oclock we were throwing a suprise baby shower for Rachel (which she found out about by the way)
The women that came were so generous. In attendance were my stepmom and brother, Rachels grandma on her dad's side and aunt, and strangers either attending Robyns church, or were Robyns friends.
They really blessed her with LOTS of great items she can use for her babe.
We played several games, one getting into teams and diapering one from each team with toilet paper.

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