Saturday, October 13, 2007

Herb Day 2007

Herb Day 2007

Being around Nicole Carter before herb day was such a great time! Then to see her pull together an herb day festival was even better. Another pioneer in the herbal movement.Go Nicole!
It has been a pleasure seeing this strength in her and her down to earth approach with people.
Nicole is local herbalist, amongst a small handful of others serving such a large city.

The Las Vegas Herb Co Op was created from her desire to cooperatively buy high quality Bulk Herbs as community. Buying more in this manner saves money, resources and allows for less packaging waste.

Arriving an hour before the venue were vendors setting up stations to demonstrate their goods and services to the public. Volunteers arrived from Las Vegas Herb Co Op and set up an herbal sampling tea station full of organic herbal teas graciously donated by Mt Rose Herbs.

Some of the volunteers set up a welcoming station which allowed guests to enter a free drawing for some fabulous donated items.
Amongst the donations were items from a Rainforest tea vendor, Herbally Grounded Herb Store, and Wild Oats.
Other tables were set up with information for other businesses that contributed to the event.
Horizon Herbs-Richo Cech Family
Mountain Rose Herbs
Local Desert Honey distributed by Annsley Naturals
Herbally Grounded
Las Vegas Herb Co Op
Dreamseeds-Kristena Roder
Migun Northwest
amongst other herb lovers.

A Pauite Native American Elder came to bless the event. Smudge filled the air under the pavilion where many of us congregated in preparation of Herb Day. Together we prayed for the land, our nation, and our people. It was a special moment many of us felt blessed to be part of.

I spoke after the elder on organics and the experience of Foundation Farm. (Thanks Patrice. Your little garden space in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is reaching the hearts of Las Vegans as well)

One of the master gardeners present expounded on some of the things I did not know such as the organic farms in the area and the varying foods that are grown in the region.

I also shared a situation that grieves my heart each time I return to the city of my birth.

In 20 years the Lake has receded so much that the landscape is changing in obvious ways. Without conservation and responsibility, I am concerned the water issue may be severe in 20 more years. I encouraged people to conserve and felt almost like I could cry.
Later I was able to meet some of the people in attendance to my speech and I enjoyed it very much.

After my class, Free, an aromatherapy artisan can to discuss essential oils.
Michelle, an herb co op enthusiast, gave a class of making herbal tea.
Angela Harris taught on tincture making.
Nicole taught a class on herbs preceding the parting ceremony.
Some of the attendees received the donated gift baskets and teas and we departed out into the real world again.
I wanted to help with clean up but felt at one point like I was more in the way then helping so I left before some of the other volunteers.
It was so fun meeting some of the women at the Las Vegas Herb Co op table. They were so good communicating with people about their venue.
I will not ever forget this event. The entire experience was one I have certainly grown from as a better herbwyfe./herbalist/woman.

Pics coming soon

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