Monday, October 22, 2007

Growing as an Herbwyfe Part 3 ~Herb Day~

Herb Day is a fairly new recognized celebration. The second Saturday of October will be the day herb lovers unite and share their passion of the plants with others.

Herb Day Fest in Las Vegas was organized by Nicole Carter who is a master herbalist under Clayton College.
She and I shared a visit in her home earlier in the week and decided upon my lecture being on my organic farm experience. I was to open the event.EEK!

We arrived at 9ish and began to set up the welcome table and the one for Las Vegas Herb Co op a large cooperative herb buying club once again with Mt Rose herbs being their largest supplier. They save money buying like this.

At 10:15 a Paiute shaman came to bless the event and smudge the pavilion where all the classes were to take place.
It was very moving.

I spoke until 11:15 or so ending on something that moved me almost to tears which was the lack of education in the city about conservation. each time I go to LV, the lake is lower and lower. Thinking about the changes in 20 years already, imagine 20 years from now with the growth the valley is experiencing.
There is no time to waste. I encouraged people to garden responsibly and organically and told of the same events you all have heard over the summer.
It seemed by the feedback, people received my words well. YAY

After my class, I spent some time networking with others.

Here is a master gardener (reducing adn reusing) a plastic bottle to start seeds.

I hate plastic, but felt like this was a better choice than jsut throwing them away. Paper towel works like a wick keeping the soil moist so the seed can germinate. 5 or so days in a cabinet and then it should sprout and can be places in a brighter spot.

The children did crafts and planting

For 3 hours we served Mt Rose herb tea and gave samples from them and Pacific Botanicals. I also had some of my teas I gave as samples.
Local beekeepers doanted thier desert honey so we could also offer a healthy choice for our guests.
We also had catalogs from our supporters as well as Horizon Herbs.

It was an energetic time for me and one I truly will not forget.

Here is the crew

Home to shower and get ready. It is party time!

Happy 65 birthday Dad. I love you so MUCH!

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