Monday, October 22, 2007

Growing as an herbwyfe part 2

Within those few days at my daughters house, I mostly prepared for the classes I was teaching while battling a hoarse voice. I always dry out intenesely when in the desert Southwest. Drinking fresh ginger tea, and throat coat. had a few bloody
Here is my sweet Ariella...remembering the women who sent me money to attend her birth. This is the girlie!

Amber was in the area so on her way back home to Arizona, she came by with her hubby for a quick visit.
She is as wonderful in real life as online except she is more talkative in So great to meet you too mama!

I spent a few days with my parents while teaching classes at their Migun Center.
My heart was moved with compassion for the people that came in that really needed help.
The classes went good and was firmly supported by Mt Rose herbs. They provided the herbs and teas we worked with in class as well as literature on their business. Thansk Mt Rose. Once again you prove to be the best!
The Dreamseeds display

My stepmom and youngest brother

Another Day with my youngest bro

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