Saturday, October 6, 2007

An adventure to remember:)

I woke up at 4 am on Thursday morning, finished up business online, showered, made and drank coffee, woke up J, R and O and off we went in our little car. I managed to bring enough stock with me to help offset the costs of the trip. It is SO WORTH IT to me to see my family.
Mid way or so we stopped with Anabelle an her family of 8 children and hubby. She has a small family farm, and manages homeschool, and of course the task itself with that many children is huge. But she graciously gave us a warm bed, showers and meals and it was wonderful to get to visit with her and get to know her children well. I am always happy to see children being raised to actually KNOW how to do more than read and write and computer. These children tend to farm animals, cook the meals (or participate) and learning to sew, have homeschool co op, are active in their church and work on keeping order.

It rained the night we arrived and the scent of desert pines filled the air. When I woke up int he morning, I made a special point to go out and smell the air. Those moments are some of my most memorable. The calm of her land, the scenery adn the air. Also the berries on teh junipers are large and purple, whereas the ones at my house in the Ozarks are light green and small.

It took us about 45 mintutes to find a starbucks, but once intoxicated with Estimo, we were on the Interstate again.
New Mexico is one of the most woderful places to see. Like God's museum. You sense the presence of the Native people and how they must have lived.
The sky is large and colorful. Mountain temples appear red in soem areas, and white in others and you wonder if man did this or nature.
Arizona has its beauty as well. I stopped at a few rest areas to examine the plants. I was delighted by small flowers covering succulents, yucca, prickly pear and my most sought out sage. However the wise sage was sure to let me know that I was harvesting improperly by creating a sliver in my thumb where I pulled on her branches to take along.
I know better, but my lust for the plant overcame my manners.

We arrived to my daughters house, had a littel conversation, baked chicken and wine.
Today I wam floating around and plan to study. Want to work on my intake form and notes for the classes.
Once I figure how to upload photos I will:)

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