Friday, November 2, 2007

The Pungent Powerful Medicine of Garlic

Most of us have heard of garlic and majority have eaten it at some
point in our lives I am sure.
Garlic proves not only to liven up foods with its pungent flavor, but
also to add its medicine to prevent illness.
Garlic is antibiotic, antimicrobial antioxidant, antifungal,
antiparasitic and probably several other ANTI's. (maybe anti social
for those opposed to the aroma which is excreted throught eh breath
and skin)
Harvard describes an antimicrobial as an agent that acts against
bacteria, fungi, and parasites in the body.

MD Anderson describes it as a substance that kills microorganisms
such as bacteria or mold, or stops them from growing and causing

Who would have thought this culinary herb to be so powerful?

Garlic also acts on the circulatory system and has been used
traditionally for cholesterol regulation.

Other ailments that have been trated with garlic are
acne, allergies, asthma, tumors, candida and vaginitis, urinary tract
complaints, chronic fatigue, hemmorhoids, HIV/Aids, hypoglycemia,
impotence, liver problems, and respiratory issues.
It has been reported that some midwives have treated their clients
with garlic to fight strep b in pregnant mothers.

If a cold begins to creep on you, eating a raw clove of garlic can do
wonders for many people, pretty much wiping the cold out immediately.
Eating huge amounts of garlic may cause stomach upset or sore rectum
upon elimination so small amounts are recommended until you are aware
of how much your body can take at one sitting.

My husband typically craves Italian food when he begins feeling bad.
Once we read the research on garlic, we both agree that it must have
been a natural craving for some germ killing needs in the body.
Pretty cool I'd say.

If eating raw garlic does not appeal to you, you can create pesto or
hummus. I sometimes chop mine up small and swallow like a pill,
although some disagree on the potency of doing it that way.

I would like to leave you with a simple rememdy any of us can make at
home to help ourselves or our children.

Garlic Foot Application
I was recently reminded of this simple remedy by John Gallagher of

Crush a few cloves of garlic in a mason jar or even a small bowl and
cover with olive oil (or whatever food or skin grade oil you have at
Allow the garlic to macerate in the oil for at least a half hour, or
warm on the stove for 20 minutes or so. The goal is to extract the
medicinal constiuents from the garlic into the oil.

At that time, you can apply the garlic oil to your feet and apply
socks on your feet after application.
(this helps keep the oil on your feet as well as prevents slips)
Rest and relax while the garlic is absorbed through the pores of the
feet and circulates through the body. Of course, it will go to the
lungs since it has that affinity to do so, and you will probably have
garlic breath not long after application or the next day.

This might be a good time to have pizza delivered for the family
since you probably will not feel like cooking anyway. You will all
have the same garlic smell and you wont feel like you stick out like
a sore thumb.

Well wishes and Green Blessings
Kristena Roder

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