Sunday, September 30, 2007

Harvest Party at Foundation Farm 2007

Music, laughter, community and organic foods! It does not get much better than that.

We arrived about 12:30 to help Karen set up since Patrice was at Farmers market.

About 2-3 people began to arrive. The children laughed and played, mostly on the trailer of straw mulch

Ray and I had such a good time. Ray is social so he enjoyed visiting while I am introverted and prefer to stay busy and serve. I spent most of my time by karens side helpign with food and clean up with visiting in between.
A little wine helps the nervousness of crowds and thankfully people brought a few bottles to enjoy.
The sense of community at this party was magnificent. Everyone supprting the work at the farm and organic produce. People came from Eureka springs of course since that is local, and Berryville, Fayetteville and in between.
It has been so rewarding working at the farm volunteering/apprenticing. Patrice is amazing-real and genuine and Karen is wonderful to.
Just wanted to share our beautiful day out in the sunshine with the people the support our local organic agriculture. is the website for anyone that may want more information.
We served sandwiches on local baguettes by Eureka Bread Company. Cut each into 5th and had vegetable sandwiches and free range chicken sandwiches with the chicken by Little Portion.
We used Karens homeade vinegarette, with farm fresh basil, arugula, peppers, tomatoes, onions adn then chicken for those sandwiches cooked with Karens homeade bbq sauce. She makes homeade ketchup and homeade teriyaki and combines. YUM!
She also made 17 dozen cookies.
We had organic mint we floated in our water. Delicious.
I enjoyed meeting some Europeans. Listening to French accents as well as German was fascinating.
Patrice being French, attracts Europeans which is so wonderful to be able to meet others from other countries.
And hearing Karen speak fluent French was also very fun.
One thing that Ray and I both felt strongly was that this venue was family friendly with alcohol.
It just shows how alcohol can be ok in a group setting without a singel incidence.
The worst thing that happened was some male dogs getting to frisky with a female. SHE LET THEM KNOW she was not interested! lol
HAd my precious daughter not had an accident in her pants, we probably woudl have stayed another hour or 2 to help clean up. That was a very fast 6+ hours for us.
I am so greatful for the experience.

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