Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Welcome to Arkansas Kathy Jo and family

Welp, what can I say? we tried to cram stuff into a few hours. It was a great time for everyone I think....KJ and I maybe had a wee bit to much shiraz.

But talk about good eats....Garbanzo beef soup with fresh cilantro from Patrice and wild greens from the Ozark hills, Popcorn she made-yum! Salad from our grocery and her homeade dressing (another huge yum) and they bought a pizza and I made a little pizza as well as Mac and cheese from the health food store for the kiddos.
The guys went fishing and the kids and us went to the creek

Here are some pictures of our walk:) Tommarrow we meet at Joys before they journey back home.

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Val said...

Oooo... that sounds like fun. :) I want it to be warm enough here for nature walks! I am ready!! It is so wet though. :( soon... Patience is not something I have a ton of this time of year. Beautiful pictures though!