Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lessons from my life part 2

So as I shared in part 1, I tend to be solitary. I dont mind being alone. Possibly because I have so many children.
I enjoy quiet and feel completely nervewracked in social situations of magnitude. I want to literally crawl under a rock.

So spending an entire season, basically out of touch with the people around me, and just focused on my computer, caused not only an out of touch feeling, but depression.

The season is cold and dark, no friends around to light your way, to bring a smile or share a meal. Nothin.

So I got a small taste of seasonal depression this year, but of course did not notice it until after the situation was out of control.
I sent my husband to do everything that needed done, whether a grocery run or any outdoor chore, because he was out of work and I needed to work. That is ok, but that lead to lesson number 3:)

Now let me say too that I am active in online communities and they are great. Amitymama, for example is my home online for about 8 or 9 years now.
It is part of my life, and the mama's are part of my life. So there is some socializing, however it does nor replace the physical act of grooming, picking out your clothing, stepping outdoors and breathing the air,and going off to see another human face to face.
That need still is present, even if you spend all day visiting at an online community.

So the lessons today I bring you is that we all are community. When you visit your grocer, the post office, a friend, ar paying the power bill, these contacts are more important than we realize. Make their day by smiling at them and lightening their load.
We all have burdens and a happy heart if often the best strength humans need to get through it.

This picture is a social get together this month at my dear friend Joy's. We had an out of town friend come in and we all hung out at Joys community called Terra Studios This is Rowan, Joys dd in a hobbit cave that was created out there. Isn't it neat

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