Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lessons from my life...part 1

I had one of those health battles that not only kicks your ass but causes you to contemplate deeper of who you are what you want to be. Change. In attitude and habits.
It felt like one of those times just tipping the underworld, much like childbirth when you feel you cannot go on and that you will be swallowed up by this experience.
Then the strength comes and you muster up the power to get through it.

This was one of those times.

Now I know that is some healing practice, shamans and village doctors did experience these things for others. I am not certain that is what happened, but I was broadsided by something I never saw coming! Oh so grateful for the little weeds to aid me along.

It all started with a stressful winter. Approximately 4 months of work, like mad, computer on day and night. Survival it was, and the core of the issue, I feel.
Ray did not have much work so I had to bear the load.
That is ok...we are partners and a team. But let me tell you, it took all day every day to make it happen for our family.

I am not opposed to hard work. I am not opposed to computers (obviously) but there comes a time when you pull away for even a hint of enjoyment for yourself, a time to say NO WORK. I am not always good at that, in addition to the fact that I am very solitary and introverted.

I will share this story in parts because the messages that came to me were so clear. In fact, I know that they would be easy to miss in a very long story, so today, this is the part and the lesson I learned first.

Now I know that most people think of a thrown back forced awkward position, but really, just think of holding your body up and not compacting your organs.
How do you sit in front of the computer?

If you are anything like me, you may be sitting on your legs, which feels secure, but may disrupt circulation. Along with a slouchy body. Curled over the keyboard looking intently at a computer monitor....do you get what I am saying here?

Health is about taking care of everything we can. So your lesson today, from the mistakes of my own life, is good posture.

And just for fun, I am adding a pic of my grandbaby who was over visiting a couple days ago:)

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