Friday, April 18, 2008

Excellent Chickweed Vinegar Recipe

Our sweet Jack (rabbit) loves to cruise around the yard and nibble. Trying to keep him out of my chickweed patch ins't easy. He is like a dog, he sees me there and he comes running.

Recently, an woman I have come to know online came through the area and paid us a visit with her family. Youmay have seen pictures from earlier in the month.

Her name is Kathy Jo, and I was blessed to have her make her famous salad dressing for me. She knows I love good clean food.

So I used her recipe with what I have here and I gotta tell ya, this is the way to use our herbal vinegars! So yum

Basically the recipe is divided into thirds.
1/3 salty ( any of these- Shoyu, tamari, soy, braggs)

1/3 oil (any of these- ex olive, expeller pressed safflower, tahini)

1/3 sour THIS IS WHERE HERBAL VINEGAR COMES IN HANDY or lemon juice, balsamic, etc...

2 TBSP sweet (any of these works maple syrup, agave nectar, jelly or jam)

and optional seasonings like garlic cloves, ginger, other herbs.

So here is what I am doing with my chickweed vinegar

I get 2 pint jar and eyeball the thirds.

I use 1/3 tamari because I have that right now. Shoyu would probably be my choice
1/3 Sicilian extra virgin olive oil that has such a delightful flavor
1/3 chickweed vinegar
3 cloves garlic gone through the press
and that is all!
You dont need much else.

I did vary it this week by adding some tahini and mixing it in one salad worth and I made some spring rolls and the kids used what was left as a dipping sauce.

Last week I marinated meat in it.

Thank you KJ for something I see I will be using ALOT!

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