Monday, March 31, 2008

March Blog along wILd eGgS

Well I could not leave our March food blog along without wild foods. Spring is abounding here in the Ozarks and I am so blessed with this abundance at my fingertips.
On Sunday I ran out to snip wild nettles, chickweed and dandelion leaves from our property and sauteed them with a bit of wild onion tops.
Then added the last 4 eggs I had along with some smoked tofu and a slice of bleu cheese.

I have to be honest, it was not my favorite wild food meal, but our local My Brothers Salsa livened things up. I think parmesan or cheddar would have been better with this combination.

Tonite, again wild foods with polish sausage that has been simmering this evening with dock greens, henbit, dandelion leaves and chickweed that has been cooked in a coupel changes of water and then blenderized. Then I added some rice to that and it was very good.

Tonites meal cost me all of $2 and fed 4 people until very satisfied.

I look forward to whipping up more meals with our wild foods.

I actually decided that most of our wild roses will stay. I will try to get them in control better to keep them out of the play areas, however I know if I uproot them all I will regret not using their new leaves and flowers in tea and facial toners.

Thanks to all that joined the blog along. I loved the ideas. I even tried some vegan fare too which I did enjoy.


Michelle said...

You are a true inspiration, Kristena! I am going to be on the lookout for dandelion greens this spring, so I can try them!

An Out of Town Mom said...

Can you post some picture of these wild edibles? So curious!