Monday, November 5, 2007

The herb freak returns...with good news:)

Today, I decided to take Liv out to our backyard and spend time watching our elder tree which has been weed whacked aobut 3 times and comes back strong thank goodness.
I grabbed scissors and a basket and we would also harvest some dandelion greens for already cooking kale and mustards.

So we walk down our hill and sit by the elder. We lay on the weeds around us and watched the clouds go by. Leaves that have turned golden brown would flutter in the air above and drift down to the cool ground near where we lay.
I spent time thinking of my children...Oh how I worry about them all. Marriage and grandbabies only leaves more room in my heart and mind to pray and worry. I need to get over this worry I feel!

My health is going through some funky time I have not experienced previous and I am trying to be observant to how my body feels and how I can prevent it in the future.

So I feel the ground I lay upon so cooling andfirm and watch the clouds go by. Thinking of my friends that are going through difficult times. So much suffering in the world. I wish I could make it all go away somehow.

The wind blows and the sun peeks from behind a cloud. High in the sky is a v of birds flying south.
I breathe in the air the plants give me and breathe out the air I give them upon the cool ground.
Oh yes, I was coming out here to visit with my elder. But wait, is this chickweed I am resting upon?
I pick a stalk and chew....mmm it tasts like chickweed.
Its leaves are larger than usual so I am suspicious. Examining closely I see the hairs on one side of the plant only and my excitement builds as I cut a handful and stuff the plant into my mouth. I know this is chickweed....I know it is if I can just find a flower I think to myself.
I wander around my tiny peice of land in search of a clear sign and there she was! A stand of Stellaria Media with flowers atop!
My, this fall chickweed is larger than the spring, tasty and cooling as she always is. I gather with excitement and am here to announce

RED CLOVER CHICKWEED SALVE WILL BE AVAILABLE BEFORE CHRISTMAS for the winter needs. Thank goodness I am almost out! WOO HOO


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