Friday, November 23, 2007

Tragedy turned to miracle and Winter nap for the farm

Well, after a week of deep emotional distress, we ended it at the farm for our last session. As a matter of fact, I pulled the kids out of school so we could all go. There is healing in the land and we needed it.

You see our neighbors 2 year old son ran behind the car while he was backing up his car and he was run over. The neighbors phones were off so I had to call 911 and felt compelled to go wait with the mother to give her support while she was waiting. I was so afraid of what I would see. From a distance I could see the boys limp body in her arms, as the mother and father wailed in the road awaiting the paramedics to arrive.
I knelt down beside the crying mother and was so moved with their pain, yet all I could do was lay my hands on the boys head and pray that healing would come for him, that he would survive this tragic accident.
I know many many prayers went up for this family. The miracle is that within 1 week
the family was home with their son and everything looks like he will be just fine

For several week I had carried a burden...I could feel soemthing bad in the air and would pray often. A deer ran into our car and I thought maybe that was it, but I still was not released from the burdens I carried-NOT UNTIL the accident with our neighbor.
I felt for many days after that like I had been in shaken deeply emotionally. Hard to sleep at first, prayed alot. My strength seemed to leave me for a several days. But the burden was released.
I dont understand this all now but it did trouble me. Maybe my prayers going up were imprtant in his survival....maybe that time of burden prepared me to go be with them in their time of need. Honestly I dont do trauma well adn that was a huge step for me.
Or maybe none of it is related. I dont know. What I do know is that I felt something in the air, near, I felt afraid and danger and that feeling did nto leave until news of the boy's recovery came.

So the kids and I went to the farm together for some laughter, smiles and sunshine. Seeing the dogs for our last time in the year. To mulch the beds and prepare them for their winters rest. To see Patrice and hear what he has to say this week.
It does the soul good to work at the farm. Here are some pictures from our day. And our last until the spring

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