Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

What do you get when you have conservative Christians, Radical Hippies, a tree hugger, a carpenter, an herbalist and a bunch of kids?
Why Thanksgiving of course:)

Originally my Mother and father in law were going out of town, so we invited my dear dear friend Joy and her family for Thanskgiving dinner.
Well Mom and Dad decided not to go out of town, so it looked like the day woudl be at our house with this interesting mix of people.

I will admit, Ray and i were nervous. I know that Mom and Dad want everyone to make it into heaven, and that they strongly beleive in their fundamental values. I totally respect that as a Christian myself, but I am between Christian and earth based and really feel those fundamental extremes hurt people soemtimes. I knwo I dotn feel very close to God when people shove their dogma in my face.
But all in all it went very well. The inlaws fit in ok and my friends, knowing that mom and dad have strong beleifs were very honring to them even though they themselves are agnostic.

We were so glad that our msot precious people could in fact eat together and all go ok.

Olivia and Rowan ran aroudn and needed a palce to play so they hung out in my bedroom. They decided to play in teh closet to which they found Bens birthday presents there wrapped and ready for his birthday in a few days.

They must have thought, OH LOOK A PRESENT. WE NEED TO OPEN PRESENTS. Out they ran with one unopened present. I was not sure what to think at first until I told them it was Bens bday and to leave the gifts alone. I realized they had not a clue what was right or wrong in that situation. presents are fun and are meant to be opened. So they I had to laugh.

Our friend Duane who really is a hermit came later. After everyoen had left, we opened a bottle of wine and sat around and visited. It was so good to catch up with our old friend who absolutely loves trees. He is such a unique fellow with a great big heart.

I dont have pics of everyone but what I do have I will share.

Rachie and her belly the day before Thanksgiving. She is due in a week

Ray and Joey help me clean and prepare things

Here is Joey again

Jon is silly:)

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