Monday, November 12, 2007

The Baby Shower For Rachel, Brian and Megan Rayne

Iola was so gracious to do the cake for us. Rachel was surrounded with friends, family, and our dear elder women who have walked the birthing path before us ina time where things were so hidden and conservative. A different time indeed, but so blessed to have them present.
Jenny Miroballi was our game coordinator and did a great job spreading out the time we spent together. Melonie, Rachels mother in law adn I kept busy making food and trying to keep the flow going.

There were 20 people in my tiny living room. It was amazing we all

We made a special centerpece for them

See the resemblance? lol

I made a scrapbook for them with some special pages inside

Here is Melonie (Brians Mom) and some of Brians family that were there.

It was a great time. Rachel had 2 great showers. Robyn organized both to which I am so proud of her for stepping up to do that for Rachel. I am so blessed with wonderful daughters.
Melonie, the Miroballi's and my mother in law Marie were all very helpful in makign this special day happen.

I think Megan's first year of life will be worry free~ I think all Rachels needs have been taken care of by so many generous people. What a blessing! the best is yet to come

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