Monday, November 12, 2007

Ode to the basil beds

My apprecticeship with FF is coming to a close. Patrice said this coming week would close out there year as farmers markets begin to lay down for their winters nap.

Patrice has asked us to come to his classes in Bentonville and we are excited to do so and learn more -I know it will take years to understand by doing for me, but the classes will help when he dives into money invested and all.
Patrice is a very smart man with a degree in Finances. He gave it all up for farming. So Amazing and yet as an herbalist, I totally get it.

Some crops are still thriving in the cool fall weather. The carrots and lettuce grow together.

While the tomato beds and pepper beds have been put to rest.

My last days at the farm will be performed with Norma, a 61 year old creole/Italian who is really fun to work with

Pierce adn Liz will probably be there along with the farm dogs, Roux and Billy and Clyde and Perry.

This years work at the farm has created a deep appreciation for life...all life. I cultivated life all summer, not only my own and my family's, but plants for others to survive on.
The quality of food this summer was amazing. One of the benefits of the work at FF. Patrice was always very generous.
I will miss Patrice and sure Ray and I will go see their family this winter in Eureka when we can.

Thank you Foundation Farm, the land on which a new aspect of life and gardening has been birthed within me. A chance to help work the farm and be educated on the no till method of organic farming. I have made new friends on the farm, including a new relationship with the plants themselves. I am truly blessed!


Roxann said...

Hi! I was just thinking of you today, we must be on the same wavelength :) I'm working monday and tuesday next week and leaving early on wed. how is a lunch meet in the park on mon or tues?

haha, my class won't be much of a class since i didn't advertise it much. i have two people signed up so far and i'm hoping for 10 total. i need some help on christmas budget this year.

i am so worn out right now. we've been working on our house and i am beyond tired. i can do lunch any time those two days, just let me know when is good for you.


Eng. Agr. Rafael Salerno said...

On conventional farming we have used herbicied to kill the plants before planting...How they do no-till on organic farming?
Best Wishes,

Rafael Salerno