Monday, January 5, 2009

Overcoming the power of FEAR

Prior to my departure to visit family for the holidays, I had a session with friend, author and astrologer Lyn Dalebout.
Taking a peek into the way the sky looked when I was born, on a new moon eclipse, her sidereal knowledge showed a definate healing path along with some other things that I have felt strongly I need to accomplish as well. I am still blown away by how much truth came through her work with my chart that day. I guess it made a skeptic not so skeptical that is for sure. She did not know the stirrings already going on in my life about some areas.

However, fear also came out in our conversation about my chart. I was not surprised when she told me this.
I had already been dealing with the truth that the fears I have hold me back so much from doing things I really should do.

And up to that day I spent with Lyn, I had already been getting a feeling that it was time for me to overcome some of the fears I had. Seeing her really confirmed that I needed to break free from fear and move to my highest potential.

And I am certian that many of the readers of Blessings of an Herbwyfe have fear they deal with. I mean, really there is alot to fear out there.

One of my fears is going up on a chair lift. I want to, but fear creates every excuse to not do it. I will lose my shoe. My butt is so big I wont fit right and fall off, yada yada....lets face have fear, kristena, plain and simple.
I also have a fear of driving over Teton Pass in the winter. This pass allows people to commute over the mountains from idaho to wyoming. The elevation is 8431 feet with several areas that avalanche. i have no problem in summer, it is absolutely heaven!
But quite scared once the snow and ice cover the roads.

So I wanted to share this story in hopes to encourage some of you that may have already had the internal message to begin to break free of fear.

On the way home from our Christmas/New Year holiday with family the original plan was that I would drive most of the way and then once we had to drive on the icy roads a few hours from home, my son would drive.

I feel I am still relearning how to drive in these conditions and wanted to be sure we made it home safely. The roads can be very dangerous out here, and with the amount of snow and below zero temps while we were away made me FEARFUL.

We spent a night near Ogden, Utah on our treck home, and at 5 am my 22 year old son woke up in so much pain, that he woke me to take him to the emergency room.
LESSON NUMBER ONE IN THIS STORY-remember to bring mullein in the first aid kit.
This is the second time I forgot mullein on the road when I needed it. Had I remembered it, we may have prevented this middle ear infection from happening, darnit!

Joey was of course given script of antibiotic and pain releiver. So that meant, no driving for him.

So a couple hours out of town, our traveling companion had a vehicle issue so we had to go off course to a nearby town to get parts.

This then changed the last 3 hours of driving route.

Once in Idaho Falls, I was then told we would need to drive through Victor, Idaho to get home to Jackson.

This caused me some internal concern because it meant I had to drive Piney Pass, then, my feared Teton pass.

It was 12 noon and I looked into the beautiful clear blue sky, and the moon was visible and appeared to be right over the pass.

I took that as a good omen that I would have to trust that I could make it over this mountain without sliding off or into another vehicle.

As we neared the piney pass, I kept looking for the moon to give me some hope. Also contemplating deeply how one of my fears would be soon faced with as I entered the new year.

Piney pass trip was fairly uneventful and nervously I arrived into Victor wondering how well this treck over the Teton pass would be.

I turned the music up to a pleasing volume, asked the children to be peaceful and explained to them that I was nervous.

I also decided I would do my best to make it over in 2 wheel drive unless it became dangerous. I felt I needed to just get up there and understand my car on this drive over.
My son woke up from his drug induced sleep and I begged him to go back to sleep because I was driving the pass the first time this winter and I would probably scare the living daylights out of him so he needed to go back to sleep.

Well I think he was so scared, he stayed awake.

As we neared the climb up, Queen's Fat Bottom Girls, you make the rockin world go round was playing on the radio. HOW FREAKIN APPROPRIATE! lol

As we reached the peak, the roadside was full of cars and skiers and snowboarders were enjoying the beautiful day. There was so much life up there on the mountain and joy hit my heart seeing these vibrant people LIVING!

So now, it was the travel down and needless to say, in 2 wheel drive, it was uneventful. Only one area of sliding around for us, but it was minimal.

Once at the bottom of the Teton Pass, and into the town of Wilson, I looked at my son and proclalimed my victory. I had to face one of my fears and I did well this time.
The divine powers that be have an interesting way of guiding you through things to help you to grow. And how interesting that I had to face a huge fear, after the new year on my way home to Jackson. We were not even suppose to have to travel near that pass, but come through Jackson a totally different way.

The moon, during mid day was there to give me courage. Her presence as if Gods face was watching saying, all is well, everything is going to be alright, I am here with you.

So, I suppose I may have more to blog about fear in time to come. Fear holds us back, and since this is a blog about being the best we can be in health and happiness, I had to include this today, not just to brag, nor comment of the divine's sense of humor, but to say, I HAVE FEAR and it is breaking loose people!

And the blessing for my kids in all that was for one, we did not slide off the mountain and they are alive today, but also as they were playing in the snow tonite, a moose came trecking across the snow right behind them. As if he were paying no attention to the boys playing right there. Moose can be pretty crazy, and when they ran into tell me, I was so thankful they did not run toward the moose and freak it out.
But even more grateful that they finally saw a moose. The kids have not been with me when I have spotted them this year and they felt quite cheated.

I promised them they would see moose in the winter and my words came to pass. Sometimes our children feel we are just blowing smoke when we promise them something that we cannot possibly make happen. But as history shows, the wildlife here do visit the town in the cold days of winter, and today was special for the boys to see it right before their eyes.
After the moose left, we went out to examine its tracks in the snow. Jon could barely go from footprint to footprint as it was such a long stretch between steps. So it was educational too.
Happy New Year...good things in store, beleive it! Hope is healthy!
In love, KR

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