Sunday, January 11, 2009

The very being of plants can sometimes help

A wee opening to see the flowing water despite the narrowing of passage due to ice and snow.

Rosehips against the snowy landscape-SO BEAUTIFUL!

I have arrived home from a longer than expected and wonderful trip. Back to the mountains with ice and snow. Most of the days this week were grey as the sun has been hidden behind the snow dropping clouds.
I love it here-love the beauty and fresh air, the vibrancy of the people SO MUCH.

But sometimes the struggles in life still bring about a sense of sorrow or intensity of heart that cannot be remedied easily.

Feeling this earlier in the week, I decided I NEEDED TIME WITH THE PLANTS!
We live in pine forest so I I headed out where the roads were able to reach the mountains with my daughter to walk.
At some points I was thigh deep in snow, but really not cold nor uncomfortable.
Olivia laughed and played but it was tough for her to get around. Yet she accompanied me with joy and helped me gather some usnea for my shampoo bar.

Just being in the presence of the plant world aid the emotions for me. Even talking a walk and breathing in the cold winter air can be refreshing. But the plants, by far, nurture me the most.
On our walk, we saw resting willow and other plant types I am still learning here. Everything in slumber, except those lodgepole pines. I love them, To tough them and see their beauty and strength, to inhale the healing fragrance of the pine is soothing and powerful in the middle of everything covered in snow.

And of course we were able to pick some rosehips on our adventure to bring home and make a vitamin c rich tea.

If the grey dark days of winter make you sad or in a state of mind you dont enjoy, please remember that all of nature is resting in this season and that it is ok for you to rest more and be peaceful and quiet, or do very little socially.

It may appear to be a negative, but could actually turn around to be positive for each of us to flow like our natural surroundings, by resting.
Yet, cooped up in our dwellings can make one feel disconnected in a huge way.

So I encourage you to take brief walks, or get out amongst the trees somewhere. You will be amazed at how it can help.

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