Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a bit radical, but this is what came to me this morning

Think ahead, as you travel the lane
to your health food store or grocery chain
Think ahead to what you truly need
Guard your heart against waste and green

You enter the building and head to the space
where produce lines the chilled case
So many choices, what shall I buy
to make a nice salad or tasty stir fry

Considering the lovely skin and flesh
what will feed you and your loved ones best
Make the best choice of thinking ahead
these items you choose are on a path of the dead

You see, someone may have grown them care
to nourish your soul, your body, your mind, even your hair
But the life of the plant has been plucked away
to give you what you need today

So think carefully what you truly need
be careful of the trappings of consumption and greed
for once you bring your treasures home
they become space fillers in your refrigerator drone

Are they used for you or layed there to die
Their lives having purpose or no way to comply
Consider the plant, the life and the seed
was sacrificed for you to sustain your need

Waste and gratitude to do not walk hand in hand
and the illusion of much is popular in our land
the plants would ask, please take what you will use
as they offered up their life for you

Think of us too.

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comfrey cottages said...

beautiful poem dear. and what a good way to remind us all to be green and grateful in our choices in life. thank you hugs