Sunday, January 11, 2009

You may have noticed a name change

I just want to clarify that this week, I have begun going back to my birth name Haslam.
This week my husband told me that he was moving on, which after a 6 month separation, with no changes, was understood.

This might be the last of my discussion of this as I wish him well in his life and hope that we will be good friends in the future.

But I too feel my call and absolutely cannot conform to what others want me to be when I have to do what I know is right.

In this breaking point for my life, I decided that my birth name will be used from now on. I may never remarry, I dont care, I am in love with my work. So the name of my maiden days can carry on with me as a crone.

The name Haslam is an English name meaning Dweller under the Hazel tree.

I can live with that, and my people, my family, they are awesome!

So just to update to explain the changes. Online is easy, it is the other legal crap that will take longer to get that
Anyway, I am still me and wanted to briefly explain the change.


comfrey cottages said...

Haslam is a wonderful name! and i believe a very appropriate one for your life's journey. i am sorry for your ending, but look forward to following your journey! be kind to yourself and use what you know to help yourself through the transitions. hugs

(In)Disposable said...

I'm thinking of you Kristena. I am glad you are finding yourself, loving yourself.

Roxann said...

I've missed you but so happy to see you're following your path! Similar situations have been plaguing me, as well, and I, too had to make a stand. It might also be at the cost of my marriage.

Write to me when you get time.

Anonymous said...

Kristena Haslam it is!