Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Not herbal, but miraculous!

Am am the oldest of 4 children. I am the only one that has been married(twice)
The second oldest, who is 40, decided that while family was in town for the holiday, he and Jenn would marry.
So this was a huge and unexpected event for our family which really made Christmas even more special.
Being together is always difficult anyway, and some of my children were not there, but all my brothers were and we all witnessed this together.

Family.....with the current economy scares and people feeling so insecure in life right now, it is FAMILY that will keep up strong. Without money to do things independantly, the core of what makes our lives important might be more focused upon and cherished.
What family means to each of us might be different. It could mean us and our partner, or children, or our parents and siblings too. I know not everyone has good relationship with family, but if there is someone with whom you bond with, nurture those relationships.

I have been thinking of the economy woes, and I have spoken out several times about not falling prey to the scares announced all over, but to TRUST. Embracing those headlines and fearing what is to come is really not anything to embrace.
On the other hand, some people are falling prey by losing jobs, houses and such.
It is a real issue.

So I spent time pondering the economy, which is part has effected me, and came to a conclusion that I see many positive things coming out of it.

People aren't spend crazy like normal. People are thinking more of what they truly need instead of being wasteful. That is HUGE in our country to begin to repair a countrywide lifestyle of waste. How can we be grateful when we are wasteful? I dont see those 2 being very compatible.
The green trends, despite the popularity, is a good thing. People are becoming more aware of what is best for the planet(which includes ourselves and those we love)

We must take care of our home-she nurtures us and brings us our most needed provisions. Without a healthy earth, we receive second best from her. Or worse, polluted, and unhealthy CRAP!

With 2008 closing in, a new year with new opportunities await each of us.
I love having that new chance to begin again and refocus in the winter months when thought can go into this more.

If I could say one word of encouragement today, it would be to look into 2009 with hope. Embrace those you love and spend time with them. Be aware of shifts in life, and that new opportunities might come along that never were thought of before.

I am hoping to arrive back to my humble apartment in Jackson in time to bring in the new year, but currently in Vegas with my people (family).
On another persons timetable to leave which has changed several times already.

But the positive in this is that we have been binding as a family, from my parents and my children to my oldest daughter and her child and all the others in between.
This is what matters is people and I am grateful to spend the last of a difficult year with them.

And with all the feasting and partying, I am now looking into Zumba for some excercise. I am feeling a little thicker this week...lol

Abundance and love to you in 2009

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Anonymous said...

K, I was so moved by what you said about the economy and family that I quoted you on my FaceBook...I hope you don't mind. Wishing you and your family abundant blessings in 2009!