Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Post Halloween

The D-Team.
Dreamseeds(me) for scentsactional herbal specialties

Dragon Lady Heather Bupp-Some of the best tasting herbal tea blends around, as well as an awesome friend and great herbal practitioner

Merav-She is the spunkiest woman my age I know! And the best damn massage therapist ever. If you are in Jackson, get one from her, for sure. It will put you in orbit, I tell ya.
And she speaks her words of wisdom and support for both of the D's (dreamseeds and dragon lady) She is awesome!

Congratulations love birds! I am so happy for you.

The kiddo's-we came up with whatever we could and stay in our tight budget. It was fun!
Congratulations to my friends Merav and Josh. They let us in on a little secret at the Bupp Halloween party.

I can hear the wedding bells already. I am so happy for them.

trick or treating is so kid friendly in Jackson. The entire square was filled with parents and children in costume trick or treating at the shoppes downtown.
We had such a good time and saw some serious creativity out there.

And all the candy....the downside...but it's halloween, time to be whatever you want and be ok as well as partaking of wildness and fun.

A few hours after trick or treat we attended the Buppsters party with so many people filling the house at first I thought I might keel over in social anxiety. (that is one aspect of my life I am working on, Oh introverted me)
But it was so fun, a couple of Snake River Brewing Pale Ale's and I was calmer.:)

Just sharing a littel bit of fun before the busy season hits.

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