Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blessing Your Home

Do you bless your home or send energy about it for protection and safety?

I learned in the Christian tradition about this years ago and have transferred that powerful act into my spirituality today.

I have used smudge, salts, prayers and essential oils for many blessings I have done for myself or others over the years.

If you feel your house needs clearing, try burning smudge, sage, mugwort, juniper, cedar or other herbs you may have.

Opening a window sometimes throughout the day or at night can be helpful to keep stagnation of the air element from occuring. It also connects you to the world outside, which this time of year is so beneficial. We tend to close ourselves off when it is cold and grey.

I used salt when I moved into my apartment by going around the perimeter clockwise to remove negative energies and then again counter clockwise to represent protection.

I use oils sometimes for their specific virtues. Young Living's Gratitude is one that really helps me and I love using it for anointing objects or myself. Living in gratitude is essential to joy and peace.

Any ritual you decide upon in blessings, make sure your intention is clear. Are you seeking protection, cleansing, joy and peace, bliss, love, all of the above? speak clearly to the Spirit that you perform this ritual for the purpose intended. It will be good to speak it forth for yourself as well.

And to add to the example, this week I particapted in a house blessing for our friend here, Kelly.
She had recently closed on a Habitat For Humanity house and worked diligently and steadfast in doing her required hours and saving money for down payment.
She lost her husband this year on top of her home and responsibilites of its construction. She had numerous challenges her way.
So to see her close on her home this week was a major victory for her, her children as well as her friends and loved ones.
Habitat, as it's tradition, has a house blessing when a house closes. A very different blessing ceremony than I would do, it was still quite meaningful.

They gave her a key plaque to represent her ownership.

A loaf a bread with a blessing that her cupboards would always be filled

A bag of sugar to represent the sweetness that they hoped would fill her and her family all the days of her life.

I dont recall the other objects but it was quite special.

The one thing I do recall is that they got to know Kelly and her sincere efforts to organics and recycling, that all the blessings, where applicable were organic and they bought her a recycling sorting system as a gift.

Kelly called upon our friend Heather Bupp to do the official blessing.

Here is a picture I took of Kelly with one of her children, and Heather prior to the blessing.

An unusual blessing I am sure for Habitat, Heather felt to smudge as we sat in a circle on the floor, despite many women in

We had a simple ritual sending forth love, peace and positive energy into Kelly's home.

It was great for bringing us all together and really shows that any tradition can do this for their place of residence, or any possesion, or loved one, and it represent something powerful to them in their path.

So if you'd like to share any comments on blessings, feel free to do so.


Mothering With Nature said...

I have always felt that smudging you and your home brings peace and abundant blessings. Sometimes when you feel the energy is not quite right, smudging always helps. I have been so busy that I neglect to do this as often as I should. Having a baby its so important to make time for this. Thanks for the reminder. Blessings.

Yarrow said...

As a pagan family we have always used cleansing and smuding in our home. And do so on a regular basis, not only that but I regularly send protective energies around our home and porperty and all who are on it. This was a lovely post, and a beautiful way to begin life in a Habitat for Humanity home for your friend. Blessings.