Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Walk in the Wild part 4

As we went to hike a trail leading to a lake, some die hard ski enthusiasts marched quickly past us with joy and determination in their future plans. I have no idea if they were going to hike up the Grand and ski down it or not, but that is certainly the way they were headed. So I had to get a pic. People here tend to live on the edge and challenge is a normal thing for so many here.

Benny stands in the ice cold waters

We pause along the trail and do a connceting to the earth excercise where you stand and breath in bringing energy from the sky into your feet as if you are taking root in the earth. then breath in from the earth, through your body to the sky. Then breathe one more time and bring energy from the sky and earth into your center.

Then, in peace, I lay on the cold ground and enjoy the total peace the wild country provided me at that moment.

Then off to reach the lake. it was a beautiful lake with the Tetons behind it. There was a thin layer of ice. The boys and Ray skipped rocks on the icy layer, and the sound that made was so interesting. Kind of like some sound in a sci fi movie:)

We then found this. A childs notebook and a pen that had been left behind.

The lake itself...WOW

A trail beyond the lake to take us back to the car. Only 2 more miles
A squirrels sound in the forest was so cool

The view heading back toward town. What a blissful day. Lets go have our picnic now! Were totally ready after that hike.

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