Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Herbalist's are normal people

Sometimes it seems all we do is go looking for plants, and create potions,salves, tinctures and teas, doesn't it.
There is an idea that herbalism is our devout religion and that we do nothing else.

(it is my religion:) lol )

I just wanted to shout out to my son Jonathan for completing his football season with the youth league. He already is sad that it is over and looking forward to next year.

The coaches were so awesome and he was so encouraged.

So see, we are normal......or are

Congratulations Jonathan! I love you and am proud of you son.
Now come help me harvest some rosehips, would ya;)


Mothering With Nature said...

Of course we are. I am an herbalist mother of three living in Brooklyn, NYC who loves designer jeans, NYC nightlife and tries to maintain a "normal" life. Great blog.

Brynne said...

Who you callin' normal?! LOL

Growing in the Green said...

Well Brynne, we ain't talkin about you