Saturday, November 29, 2008

A different holiday..wishing you the best of the season

So this year I am living in Wyoming and my husband is in Arkansas. This was the first in 8 years we had not celebrated together.

And interestingly, it was by far the best. No expectations, no family order, nothing like that.

Prior to the holiday my daughter and granddaughter came down for a few days. the above pic was an early Christmas we celebrated here with 6 of my 7 children. The wee one is my oldest granddaughter. We missed you Rachie and Meg!

My granddaughter and daughter play together

My oldest daughter and I get silly

My friend Michele and I have been friends for over 20 years. We were separated in the early 90's but I found her several years ago. We enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner in the community.

My former brother in law John joined us as well as my sons and their dad, but they took off for another party before our pics were all that food!
John spent time with us later in the evening and was discussing a lecture he heard of mens brains compared to womens brains and how we are scattered constantly multitasking and how men can actually sit and think of nothing. The way he discussed with us had us laughing so hard. Laughter is such good medicine!

Here we are after the rest of our group left. It was a delightful day. Michele helped me work on soap wrapping which usually takes days for me to accomplish. The both of us together got it done in a day. What a blessing!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday-there really is no religious dogma or expectations...just a good time to be grateful for the harvest and celebrate with those you love.
I hope your upcoming season, however you celebrate will be joyful and abundant in love and peace.

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