Thursday, November 20, 2008

Walk with me for a week in the wild Part 1

With the short summer season here in the high altitude, sometimes a long fall comes after that.
This can be difficult for a town that depends upon tourism, because there is not a heavy snowfall. Here in the valley of Jackson, there is no snow on the ground.
My husband is here visiting and my daughter and granddaughter will be here in 2 days for a half week visit.
I am very content that we have had the weather we have had to explore some new places.

So I will share some of the majesty of our fall with you this week.

Our week began however with a delicious meal with a very good old friend. We brought along drums (thank you Heather and kelly for letting me borrow those) and shakers and a tamborine.
After dinner and conversation and alot of hot tea, we sat around and played.

It became very spiritual in nature and messages came from Spirit that brought forth the most amazing feeling, dancing and uplifting.
I will share a video of that wonderful period of time 'in that space'

A simple song came that night as we were playing and a little white girl soul came forth in singing.
The words that came through were
And that song has been in my mind all week in that soulful melody that night as well as some added 70's R&B sound that added to it during this past few
My 7 year old loves to film drumming so I must include not only this special beginning of the week but his passion in art.

The next day we did some hiking and sight seeing and with the weather so nice, the entire week has been to try and explore new territory before snow and ice hug the roads and make them impassable.

The majesty of nature is a healing presence and whispers messages to us as we partake of her love.

Enjoy this week in the wild with me:)

This photo is on a road that leads to a small town called Kelly. The snow topped mountain is called the Sleeping Indian. When observed from another view, it appears that an indian with a headress is resting with his hands on his chest. It is really cool.

This was cool. So close to us. Along with a female.

Heading up to the Gros Ventre Mountains to check it out!

Whoa Dude, thats a long way down. We wont be playing catch on this flat spot, that's for sure.

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