Friday, July 18, 2008

Womens gathering under the full moon-the power of nature

Imagine the way it used to be when women actually supported one another. Do you know what that is like? Probably very few of us have had the blessing of that.

Do you take time for yourself doing something that actually nurtures you?

How is your connection to nature around you? Do you fear it or does it soothe your soul?

There are so many thoughts that I seem to understand deeper as I have experienced things the past few years.

I must say that I felt seriously called to come back out to this area and not sure exactly why.
I knew that plant study would be part of my work here, but so much of what is happening is true nurturing to ME.
Granted it has only been a week, but I have my children with me, and still working, yet my physical condition is about 85% better this week.

Allergens and smoke from California fires has crept into the valley, but Bio Allers to the rescue and I am well! (bio allers is a great homeopathic ermedy for allergies that seems to work for me everytime!)
The hikes have been so fulfilling, the water running down the mountains, the smell of lodgepole all makes me feel loved and ok.
The elder is wild here and the gentian violets are a real treat to see. So beautiful.

Yesterday I decided to scale the side of Teton pass in search of arnica flowers with Ben who is 7 and Olivia who is 4 in tow. What an adventure. I was so proud of my littles for doing so well without fear. We gathered wild sage instead.

Last night however, was such a treat. Womens drum circle with women from all walks of life just visiting, sharing food, drumming, singing, dancing, together....under the full moon lighting up the snow topped Tetons on one side, and the gentle valley mountain silhouettes on the other side.
Looking at the Tetons, it was intense!!!! DID I SAY INTENSE?
The Tetons do something to the emotions in likening of taking your heart and completely turning it inside out, emptying it of all the garbage that is trapped in there. I know that sounds crazy that a mountain range has that much power, but it does here.
The Tetons make you face yourself in a very real way and it puts it in your face so intensely, that looking away at the more gentle mountains are neccessary in order to catch your breath and obtain some calm.

Watching the huge gorgeous globe rise above the mountain peaks was the most beautiful thing I have seen in years. And the sky was lit by the moons light the entire night. I was chilly, even by the fire. But I was nurtured and was called to prayer most of the evening as other women drummed...I was faced with the Tetons, myself, and the intensity of prayer for those around me and definately myself.
We are midsummer....I encourage you if you can, take some time in nature and let her love you and help you. Make friends. Eat, dance, live, love.
One day I can upload the beautiful pictures I have taken, but for now I leave you with a picture online of the Teton range, the intense side.
Just to gaze at the presence makes you feel as though you are on holy ground. Dont let this sweet little photo fool
Being here is intense and magical. I am certain I am being changed. This is not just book knowledge happening here, it is so real and doing knowledge. An interconnected place...and how long I will be here I do not exactly know. I want the work to be done in me, then in turn I will serve others and myself in a more powerful way. It is a hard journey. Days I feel like I am ready to break down and cry, and yet, I feel more power.
Thank you for being part of this with me

Much love peace and prayers to you all,


Val said...

That sounds so magical! I love my women friends. Love them... they are part of my soul and I feel blessed every time I can lean on them or help them in any way.



Yarrow said...

How absolutely wonderful! What a blessing.