Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day .5 and the elder abounds

Jsut a brief update on our first half day on the road. Our suburban is loaded to the brim with stuff....mostly my boys' things they need in Wyoming.
A little opening to see out the back window and the maximum safe speed for such weight is 65mph.

The stereo in our gas machine is very nice, so I grabbed a nice handful of cd's to which John Mayer, Jack Johnston, Metallica, Matchbox Twenty and Nickelback got the first listens while shaking the ole booty and singin loudly. My 3 younger children are with me and really love Nickelback..especially Hero from the Spiderman movie so they played it several times and sang loudly....they were so cute.

We spent about an hour reveiwing multiplication facts and enjoyed watching the airplanes land as we passed the Kansas City Airport.

The elder's are as vibrant here as they are back home....I wonder if this is the peoples medicine this year.
I do not recall ever a time where it was so abundant, which makes me wonder if nature is providing for us this bounty for a good reason.

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