Saturday, July 5, 2008


I am headed to the rocky mountains armed with 3 children under 11 and a suburban loaded to the brim with my grandbabies furnishings and my older childrens stuff (junk really)

I have made some awesome items to take with me and am running a kick ass sale today.

3 for $10 lip balmThese will come in .5 oz tins with no label.

Handwritten on label, but the quality is still perfect (I ordered the wrong size label)

Made with hand extracted oils of plantain, chickweed, comfrey,elder flower, extra virgin olive oil, raw organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, fair trade shea butter,pure beeswax.

Here are the essential oil choices-

Basil Lime

Lavender Chamomile

Herbacious totally unscented

Hemp ginger lemon

Rose vanilla

Medicine Man-camphor, rosemary, tea tree

Ginger Orange

Orange Dream- orange and vanilla

Lavender Orange

Mocha-with coffee butter and vanilla

Sensational mint-

Mandarin orange

Lemon Lime

Lavender Rosemary

Cardamom Citrus

A word of caution however, citrus oils can attract the sun and create sunburn easy. Use caution when using any lip balm with citrus oils in them.

I have never had a problem in all the years I have been making and using lip balm, and I am a LIP BALM ADDICT, but it can happen.

I dont apply citrus lip balms when I know I am going to be outside, otherwise it is no biggie at all.

So if you are laying out, go with lavender chamomile or know something without citrus

And we also have this kick ass sale going on this weekend only.

All sales must be final and paid for by Sunday unless you arrange something else with me. So good luck deciding....that is always the hard part for me

soap for $20 ppd
It is one of each in my instock right now. No exceptions. No substitutions. No labels. No frills. Just great soap for a great price.

5 different blends

The Following Soaps are made with costly essential oils and ARE NOT part of the 5 for $20
Flower Power

These are loaded with organic shea, Indonesian patchouli, Bulgarian rose, clove, sweet orange, amber, and ylang ylang.

retail is $8 each
Sale is $7 each
I have a couple seconds for $6 each

Sandalwood Dreams
Another abundant shea butter soap with Sandalwood and Vanilla essential oils

retail $8

sale $7 each

Mother Earth
This is patchouli and sweet orange with moraccan red clay and not as much shea butter.

retail $5
sale $4.50

The Flower Power, Sandalwood and Mother earth are new and will need to sit for a couple weeks after you receive them for best results and hardness.

Bath Bliss Therapeutic Bath Salts

1 # of delightful relaxing Bath salts providing 4-5 baths per bag.

Retail is $15.

sale price is only $10

Mandarin Coriander (this rocks!) I have 8

Flower Power -I have 3

Mother Earth I have 5

Energize ( Spearmint and Eucalyptus) I have 4

Lavender Vanilla I have 5

THEN I have these sweet little 4 oz tubs for $4 each

Mother Earth I have 2

Lavender Vanilla I have 2

Energize I have 2

I have a few handmade creams instock. 2 oz tins.

These are totally natural and need to be used You can store in the fridge to help preserve, but I gotta tell you when you dont use chemicals, creams dont last forever so keep this in mind.

Skin loving herbal oils, grapeseed oil, rosehip seed oil, beeswax, aloe gel, rosewater, herbal tincture, flower essence, awapuhi and essential oils.

Rose Vanilla retail $7 sale is $6

Geranium Lavender Jewelweed-this is made with jewelweed oil, the famous herb for rash and poison ivy relief. Geranium and lavender essential oils are added to help keep insects at bay while outdoors as well as they are balancing to the skin.

retail $7 sale is $6

4 oz Flower Power Cream $14

4 oz lavender vanilla cream $12

4 oz sandalwood vanilla cream $14

4 oz unscented $12

1 oz rosewood Italian lavender handmade Damiana cream $3

Solid Perfume

.5 oz tins

These have handwritten blend names on their lids because the labels I ordered did not fit...wah the price on each is $2.50

Rose Amber Vanilla

Sandalwood Vanilla Rose

Ginger Lime

Bay Rum Coriander

Jasmine Vanilla Ylang Ylang

Mandarin Lime

Ginger Orange

Patchouli Amber

Flower Power (patchouli, clove, orange, ylang ylang) 1 oz tin is retail 7 sale for $5

Mother Earth 1 oz tin retail $7 Sale is for $5

$1 off all flower essence and herbal tinctures in my store

And lastly, our lovely herbal salves are $6 each for a 2 oz tin.

Retail is $7

Plantain salve (great all purpose-insect bite releiver)

Chickweed Salve(another all purpose with cooling properties)

Comfrey, Cedar and Plantain Salve(I love this for most things this year)

The comfrey causes sores to heal much faster)

Jewelweed salve (for poison ivy and rash) 1 left

All sales must be final by Sunday 7-6-2008

These prices are US only. International orders will have additional shipping charges according to what the post office charges me.

Please email me at for your choices and I will get you a total and a paypal address to send to.

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