Thursday, July 3, 2008

My health and how alternative medicine can sometimes fail

Some of you have walked a path with me for several months of suffering.
I literally felt as though my insides had fallen and were going to come right outta me.
From there, my body began to react very strangely and off balance. I had digestive issues, back pain, got a UTI and all manners of strange and painful physical symptoms which then wreaked havok on my emotional well being.

The doctors were very expensive, and the only insurance I have is cervical cancer visits every quarter. As as I had money I went to several herbal or alternative healers that I was referred to by others and whose prices were affordable.

I was told all manners of diagnosis FROM pre cancer that was all over my pelvic region TO it was my fault because I chose it.

I was in pain, and my emotional wellbeing was struggling badly.

At the time, what I needed so very much was loving care.

And greatest need was to be LISTENED to.

How far we have come from that basic need.

Often, as healers, we are trying scientifically or magically to tell people what they need. Sometimes a person just needs to be cared for or made to feel that they are important and have value.
Giving a person hope is the beginning of quality of life for someone ailing.
I dont mean gloss over issues. No we need to address the issues for sure.

However I found through this chapter of life was that people are more focused on their power to heal you without really listening to your problems.

I finally was connected with a few that listened. One was my friend in Jackson, who also referred me to another healer that really had encouraging words for me. After talking with her I felt very positive. I was so afraid of the blame game again that I never told this lady I was sick. lol

About the same time, I saw my raidation doctor, hoping that a visit with him might be covered under the cervical cancer program.
I hestitated going because I was not sure he would know for sure, but he LISTENED to me and spent time with me and felt I needed some estrogen. He helped me so much and even hooked me up with my first prescription. ( I always enjoyed this doctor because he always took as much time as I needed when going through treatment)
I began to feel stronger pretty quick, but all was not perfect. I had a few relapses after that.
So I saved enough money for a Gyn that is open to many forms of healing. She was able to get me in right away, and she spent 2 hours with me. She did an extremely thorough pelvic exam and she agreed that hormones and vigorous kegel excercises could fix my pain. She also did a few other tests, and determined that candida is a battle for me as well.
(Darn it beer or fermentated herbal things for awhile.-thanks menopause :()

Both these doctors that listened to me and truly HEARD what I was saying helped me begin to heal.

This gyn also is setting me up with natural bio identical hormones, and she is so sweet she called me yesterday just to see how I was doing. Now that is care!

I also got a TSH test with another former midwife for about 10% of what I was quoted at the cheapest doctors office.
Everything just came together ...and my thyroid is good after all...yay

I am not dying and full of disease. I am not a person that chose to be ill.

My body and muscles prolapsed, which is something with a little commitment on my part, can be corrected. Cancer treatment was hard on my body and the menopause that came along with the treatment finally caught up while I was unaware.

The incorrect diagnosis from these other healers that weren't even paying attention to me caused me more pain and money in the long run because I had to get an expensive cat scan to see if the cancer diagnosis was correct.

All some could see was my past of having cervical cancer, without further exploring but telling me the worst.
Others just wanted to pick my diet apart and tell me to drink certain tea.

Sadly, all along I knew my muscles prolapsed, but I was so confused by the other symptoms. That was what made me seek help, and that is what threw me in the wrong path. I doubted myself, especially after these other more experienced healers put me in doom.

The worse part was that my emotional state was a mess, when all I needed was estrogen.

I AM SO GRATEFUL that someone listened. And those that listened both felt I needed the same help.

So the moral of the story is that I learned so many things through this ordeal, and the last chapter I got to see first hand what kind of herbalist I DONT want to be!!!

When you and I are seeking the counsel of any healer, in any healing modality at all, we need to be sure that we aren't just us writing down our history on forms but that we are truly being heard.

I will be a good listener for all my clients~
I wont let ego get in the way of being the best I can be.
This is my mantra:)

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The Plant Whisperer said...

SO true Kristena. So true. It seems the root affliction to many of our ails, this lack of value; feeling not good enough, not intrinsically a part. Thank you for your beautiful aknowledgement of this .... and may love and value be showered upon you!