Sunday, May 11, 2008

Blessings abundant

Headin Out!
A 2 day journey lies ahead. Armed with a rental car, a Saturn Vue, complete with XM radio and onstar, along with as much of Rachies posessions that fit, we head out after noon.

First Stop-to see my sweet friend Eve Mary who I haven't seen in 2 years or more. I can't resist...we spend the night for longer social. So sad to say goodbye until next time my sweet friend....hopefully not as long until we visit again. I love you sister!

So we are helpd up in Nebraska our second day ont he road due to a May??? WOW. roads closed and we are worried. But the next day they open the roads. We travel, on ice for 2 hours trying to make it in time to turn in the car.
And we did. Saturday night, a beautiful drive in Wyoming, we run into a family of my favorite Rocky Mtn animals...Moose...sweet....

So we turn the corner from the moose family and I gotta have a picture by the Tetons. For 18 years I have wondered if I would ever experience them again. bliss

Randy, my ex, arranges a motel room for us to stay near the base of snow king..I use to live a few blocks from this motel. WOW. Armed with my herbal books and plant Identification publications, I see the ID books wont be useful yet as there is still too much snow...I did see a few dandelions and daffodils trying to open up and smile at the world:)

We walk all over trying to get Rachie set up on any programs available to her, job hunting and snacks, like the haggen dagz shoppe! I could not resist this pear raisin ice cream...heavenly indeed! I only had one the whole time so I did good.
Toting Megan in the sling most of the time. My body feels good with all that walking I did. I hope to keep this up now that I home.
I also see a dear friend whom I have not seen in 18+ years. It was so wonderful to spend time with her and see how event hrough hardship and pain, she rises up stronger than ever with a faith empowering her steps.
That is 2 women in this trip I see growing this way.

So I get to meet the Dragon lady, Heather Bupp. Our visit was wonderful. We had lunch at her place and a great social time. She shared some things to help me grow as an herbalist that I am eager to explore. There is something so binding and loving when herbalist get together in the spirit of unity and love of the plants.
I will be sharing more about this littel gem in the Rockies in the near future! I cannot beleive I did not get a picture of her! But she shared some tea with me to take home. I think her tea is by far my favorite! Stay tuned for more about Heather and her tea creations soon.

The cool weather doesn't stop us from enjoying the beauty. I am so blessed to be here and in my spare time I am reading my books at greater speed than possible when home. I bought 2 more herb books at the local herb store to support her littel shoppe which was the neatest little herb shoppe!

I felt the tears well up...I leave 2 of my kids, 1 granddaughter, new and old friends, a town I loved with a great organic community becoming stronger there, and I feel sad, like the energy of Jackson is pulling me back. Time will tell, but for now I hold good memories and look forward to continuing my herbal work here just in case my calling is for this place. I am not so sure....
Upon arriveing back in the Ozarks, the scenery rapidly changed in my absense. I could not find some of the plants I am observing right away because the forest looks so much different than a week ago. Green and vibrant are the hills around my home. I already need to harvest my comfrey again, nettles and the roses now starting to bloom.
So the busy work will keep me focused, intentional, and in prayer about our life and what lies ahead.
One thing for certain, we took care of business, ate well, excercised, and also spiritually speaking, I really was opened up during this trip. I thank God for the opportunity to experience it all regardless of the sorrow in saying goodbye.

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Kiva Rose said...

Welcome back! And thanks for sharing your journey.