Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lessons from my life part 6


Fear and stress go hand and hand, maybe along with caffeine consumption. For me, in March, I was due for another cancer checkup which up until then was every 3 months.

(thankfully that all checked out ok and I graduated to every 6 months)

There is something about those checkups that make it so hard. I fear doctors. I fear needles and poking and being naked in front of them and mostly I fear hearing those awful words of possible cancer again.

What do you fear? Do you fear going to bed at night?
Fear the safety of your children? the condition of the world? the government? Your neighbors? Job security? Your health? Things going on with those you love (or dont)

There is alot to fear, isn't there?

Yet tapping into the spirit of peace is just as important and good nutrition and clean water each day. Just as important as sleep.

Most of us live in countries where we can worship, maybe secretly, but seek our spirituality as we feel we should.
It took me months to come to understand just how important this principle is.

I asked wise healers, friends, and I just did not get it until I recently spent time with another healer in Jackson Hole.I watched her do something energetically and it was at that moment the revelation entered my brain that it is my my spiritual life that was in serious need of nurturing and it was not anything I needed to practice or learn from another.
I came home that night, in my motel room and it just happened. Something I have neglected for years, mostly due to the fact that others may disapprove of my way of nurturing spirit.

But forget it...let others opinions of you and your ways GO.....

I spend time alone now. I even put on tv or entertain my daughter somehow and go into my room and tap into the spirit power if I need to, and I dont feel guilt.
It is part of my survival.

I also feel that connection when working with the plants. It nurtures my spirit and soul.

How is your spiritual life? Are you engaging in it. Dont let it fall by the wayside.
So many troubles and issues may creep up because of this. And this part of our emotional/mental/physical/spiritual being seems to be one we often neglect as a whole person.

Back to my experience when this revelation occured, the intuitive side of me has been rebirthed. And I realized this is one of the lessons to share with you so that you can work on it in your life.
It has been almost 2 months of battling a strong physical condition, that the doc is not sure, I am not sure, friends are not sure. I have had people with giftings speak into my life and I am working on all the avenues. AND I AM HEALING and HEALED, really.

And maybe without the physical symptoms I suffered, I would not have been able to open my eyes and see these very important lessons.

I have more to share soon.
If you ever feel like the spiritual life in you is struggling, and you need to talk about it,I will surely talk or email you concerning it.
This is a hard thing sometimes to discuss, and bottling up your spirit will harm you.

And if nothing else, walk where the plants grow and observe them. Place a leaf between your fingers, gently rub and smell the fragrance left behind on your fingers.

Stroke the plant from the ground up. Observe the stem, leaf, flower, color, patterns, brilliance. Often times, these things will nurture our spirit and if that is all you can do, believe me, it will help.

I know this may sound kooky and that I may not have explained this as I would have hoped to, but "I know that I know" that our spiritual lives are essential to our day to day existance on this planet. And that is healing, now that I realize a huge problem in my life is not making that a priority. It is now!
I leave you with a picture from this weekend farmers market. Always a great time visiting with the vendors we have come to know. This is also spiritual and can renew the life within you.
And this picture I post today is special because it is my friend Joy, who has life within, looks beautiful and I love her so much.

In love,

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