Sunday, May 11, 2008

What is up with this new picture

I know it is spring and the likelyhood of a snow tipped moutain with mounds of snow at the base is odd.
But if I may express this sactuary for a short period of time, I hope that you too may experience internally what this place did for me.

I will share my story briefly.

My daughter, granddaughter and I were traveling to Jackson Wyoming May, 2008. This picture is taken about 2 hours before we arrive in Jackson.

The glory of this beautiful place resonated into my soul, in which I felt my spirit kneel on the ground, bow and worship God with tears. In awe of the beauty and power I felt here. It was tremendously intense. So for now, this picture will be the theme pic of my blog:)
And when that changes, let me add this as well so it will always be archived here

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Val said...

Your trip sounds hard, but heavenly. Such a beautiful area! Looks terribly cold though. Strange that we are all getting cold weather this year.... we got snow on April 19th here. The last 'frost' date is April 15th and we got 2 inches of snow. Scary....

You are such an amazing mom Kristina. Your daughter is so blessed to have you!