Monday, May 19, 2008

Heather Bupp-Dragon Lady Teas and my new friend:)

Heather and I met a couple weeks ago in Jackson, Wyoming.I of course, curious about all the hopeful herbalists I can meet, began a search for other like minded like I always do.
I must be honest, whenever I have tried to connect with other herbalists, they usually ignore me, but there are 2 so far that have reached back out in my desire to continue community in the green lovin world.
Nicole Carter and Heather Bupp are 2 herbalists working in their communities and making powerful and positive impact in other peoples lives.

Both women have made huge impact in my life in one way or another and make me so grateful that these connections came to pass.

So let me tell you a little bit about Heather.
Heather Bupp aka Dragon Lady is currently 34.
She is happily married to a great man, and has 2 sons. Canyon is 9 and Arrow is 4.

She makes some of the best tea I have ever savored. Happy tea is magical! Truly.

She blessed me with a few blends to try and I am pleased with each one...Chai, Raven, and Happy. I am currently sipping Raven right now as I type.

I have a Dragon Lady tea menu and keep it in my top drawer so that I can order more soon.

Truly gifted, in many areas.

I sent my friend a basic questionairre and this is her response back to me. It will bless you~

Do you remember what was going on in your life that lead you to herbs?
Moving to the mountains of Wyoming started my love affair with herbs. Curiosity and respect drove my interest.

How old were you at that time? 20

Can you share some of the work that has most influenced you? Such as books, blogs, video and lectures.

Rosemary Gladstar, Greg Tilford and Susan Weed were my first teachers. But the work of Findhorn and Perelandra Gardens really made my heart beat. Also any literature about Flower Essences (Dr. Bach and Flower Essence Society).

When making plant medicine, are you drawn to any particular method?

Listening to the plants and going with the Flow is the method that seems to work best for me. I can follow some guidelines, but it always seems to come down to my relationship with and connection to the plant people.

Do you have a most memorable event, conference, or one on one experience with any of our herbal foremothers and forefathers or any other key person used in your path of herbalism? And how has that influenced you today?

All my encounters with fellow plant-obsessed people have been wonderful and memorable, but my conversations with Michael Pilarski have been the most exciting. He organizes whole events in celebration of the 'unseen' worlds of the fairies/devas and nature spirits. it's always fun for me to talk to people who believe.

Where are you located? Jackson, Wyoming

Do you work with the public and could you descirbe your work? such as:
Do you teach classes? yes, when i'm asked to.

Do you offer consultations? yes. I do distance energy work that involves uncovering the story a person holds in his/her body. the story is full of symbols, like a dream. the symbols work to open and unfold the person within and I use herbs and flower essences to support the process.

Do you travel for herbal work? i would.

How can people contact you to find out more about what you offer, calender of events, blogs, weed walks, etc?

i am open to talk/visit with anyone who is interested. you could visit my site DragonLadyTeas for info, but i don't have any regular scheduled events yet. i do offer tea parties. this is one way i like to connect people and plants.

Do you have a vision for your work in the future or are you seeing how it unfolds?

my work involves connecting people and plants. i can see which plants belong with which people based on my observation of the plant life cycle and understanding of their language. my ultimate goal is to open our eyes to how connected we all everyone and everything. i use my Teas to spread that energy on a larger scale and my one-on-one experiences to help the individual unfold. my wish is for everyone to evolve to their highest potential. i am a messenger, here to assist in the transformation. it's an exciting time to be here on earth!

Most of the readers are new to herbs and if there is one word of wisdom or sage advice you could leave them, what would that be? Walk Slowly, Listen Carefully, Trust Yourself and BE exactly who you ARE.

PLEASE, you owe it to yourself to see this video clip about Heathers work in her community making her fabulous teas and how they bless others~Heather Video

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